Problem Solver

24 May 2012
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A familiar problem that Crane operators are faced with when purchasing a new Crane, is how all the ancillary equipment is transported to site, even more so when the Crane is a Grove GMK 6300L with 92tonne of counterweight. Up to 5 trailer loads have to be transported to site before the crane can operate at full capacity.

The trailer recently built for Pollock & Sons is purpose built as the first trailer on site. With provision for a Forklift, ground pads, hook, dunnage and the counterweight cradle all attached to the trailer. The crane will arrive on site with this trailer closely behind. The forklift will position the ground pads for the crane outriggers and unload the rest of the equipment from the trailer. With crane now in position, it is ready to accept the 92tonne of counterweight. There is not always a lot of room on site so it is important that the counterweights are delivered 'in order' for attachment to the crane

The Grove GMK6300L All-terrain Crane has a lifting capacity of 300tonne. With an 80m extended boom length and 120m from ground to boom tip, it is the longest Hydraulic boom crane in New Zealand.

This is one of two GMK6300L that TRT have sold into New Zealand companies, the other being Hamilton/Auckland based Waikato Crane Services Ltd.

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