On and off-highway seating for all makes and models of truck, bus, and machinery, options for marine environments and 24/7 control rooms!

Truck Seats

Light commercial to medium and heavy transport, Japanese, & European options.

Machinery Seating

Off-highway machinery, agricultural equipment, forklifts, loaders & more!

Marine Seating

Captain's & bridge seats, rescue boats, commercial vessels & tourist operations.

Office Chairs

Top of the line office and 24/7 control room seating, leather options available

Seat Refurbishment

Old to new, repairs, seat parts and certified adaptor plates

Seat Belts

Huge range from APVS lap, 2 and 3 point options, stalks, and components

TRT has a range of quality seats for most commercial and industrial applications and we will have a set that suits your operation. Our team are able to help you in selecting the ideal seat, from comfort to performance.

See our specifications, features, drawings, parts, repairs and refurbishments for driver and operator seating, to suit light meduim and heavy trucks, bus, LCV,  machinery, construction equipment, agriculture, marine and our specialist 24/7 control room and office chairs. We also have a range of APVS seat belts and heavy-duty seat covers.

Our seats are easily installed, use our team or your own installers with certified adaptor plates, available exclusively from TRT. We have warehouses NZ wide and seat workshops in Auckland and Hamilton. We can ship same day. 


Repair and Refurbishment

If you like your current seat but its worn, our workshop teams are able to repair, recover and recondition the complete seat to near new condition, find out more.



The right seat for the job

TRT have seating solutions for a range of applications.

Selecting the right seat is critical for most, there are significant benefits that include 

  • reduced fatigue symptoms
  • body support 
  • comfort 
  • suspension to protect from jarring movements - land and sea!

When you are able to improve your seat, you can improve productivity, whether you are in a truck or bus, a rescue craft or a 24/7 control room. TRT has a seat to suit. We have experts that are able to help determine the best seat for your operation.

Our range of certified adaptor plates allows your new seat to bolt in with no further certification required!

There are also options for repairs and refurbishment of your existing seat.  


Truck, bus, digger, bulldozer, tractor, forklift, boat, and crane - If it has a seat we can help. Get a quote today!