GMK3060 clearcut

GMK3060: The smallest, roadable, versatile 60t all-terrain crane.

GMK4080 clearcut

GMK4080: Compact 80t crane with superior strength.

GMK4090 clearcut


GMK4100L 1 clearcut

GMK4100-L is the most popular new model for NZ industry.

GMK5150L clearcut

GMK5150-L;150t that delivers a true return on investment

GMK5180 1 clearcut

GMK5180-1; 180t Grove All-Terrain Crane

GMK5200 1 clearcut

GMK 5200-L, 200t crane features 30% less diesel consumption on driveline.

GMK5250L clearcut

GMK5250-L; The most powerful and versatile five-axle crane on the market!

GMK6300 clearcut

GMK6300 features a large lifting capacity with a versatile, compact design.

GMK6400 clearcut

GMK6400 Grove All-Terrain Crane

GMK7450 clearcut

GMK 7450, 450t max capacity on a seven-axle carrier with 60m boom!

Proven performers in NZ conditions, Grove All Terrain Cranes deliver powerful lifting performance, superior off-road mobility and great road speeds. Combine these benefits with the lower crane running costs, industry-leading reliability and TRT’s NZ wide service and support, you won't be disappointed in your investment.

Grove all-terrain cranes are manufactured to the highest quality standards by Manitowoc under ISO9001 quality standards. Grove crane technology is constantly developing to optimise reliability and durability through continuous improvement. Features of the Grove all terrain cranes include:

  • Exclusive MEGAFORM boom design
  • Exclusive MEGATRAK suspension system
  • Manitowoc Crane Control System
  • Tier 4i Mercedes diesel engine
  • Manitowoc Crane Care from TRT
  • MAXBase – get the best out of your crane in tight spaces

 > Download All Terrain Crane Features and Benefits Brochure

GMK 5250L

GMK 5250L

  • Capacity: 250 t
  • Main boom: 13.3 m – 70.0 m
  • Max jib: 37.0 m
  • Maxi tip height: 110.0 m

The most powerful, versatile five-axle crane available, the new GMK5250L has performance capabilities that include the highest-rated capacity, best load chart in its class, best manoeuvrability, quickest set-up time and the highest level of operator comfort and operation convenience.

M17 5250XL

GMK 5250XL-1 The Longest Boom on 5 Axles.

  • Capacity:250 t
  • Main boom:13.4 m – 78.5 m
  • Maximum jib: 37.0 m
  • Maximum tip height: 115.0 m

With the longest boom and large capacity combined with a small footprint and excellent manoeuvrability, the new GMK5250XL-1 challenges the performance capabilities of other cranes in its class. The Grove single engine design, with the latest emission levels, reduces the operating costs through 30% lower diesel consumption compared to previous generation models. 

GMK 3060

GMK3060 - Roadable 60t Capacity

  • Capacity: 60t
  • Main boom: 9.7 m – 43.0 m
  • Max jib: 15.0 m
  • Max tip height: 60.7 m

The NEW GMK3060 all-terrain crane combines a powerful, six-section MEGAFORM™ boom with a compact three-axle carrier, making it ideal for a work in tight locations. Taxi crane weight, roadable with 12t per axle (includes 6.5t c/w, 15m fly and equipment box). This crane is also one of the first to feature Manitowoc's new standardised Crane Control System.

GMK3060L 920x660

GMK3060L - NEW

  • Capacity: 60 t
  • Main boom: 9.7 m – 48.0 m
  • Maximum jib: 15.0 m
  • Maximum tip height: 65.0 m

The NEW GMK3060L all-terrain crane combines a powerful, seven-section MEGAFORM boom with a compact three-axle carrier, making it ideal for a variety of work in tight locations. This crane features Manitowoc's new standardized Crane Control System with boom configurator mode for fast and efficient set-up.

GMK 4080 2

GMK 4080-2 Powerful Everywhere

  • Capacity: 80 t
  • Main boom: 11.0 m – 51.0 m
  • Maximum jib: 21.0 m
  • Maximum tip height: 75.0 m

This crane features a compact design combined with superior strength. The new GMK4080-2 will let you dominate with performance capabilities that include best load charts in its class.

GMK 4090

GMK 4090 - New

  • Capacity: 90 t
  • Main boom: 11.0 m – 51.0 m
  • Max jib: 8.7 m – 21.0m
  • Max tip height: 75.0 m

Features a compact design combined with superior strength, with 3.5t more counterweight than the GMK4080, this increases lift capacity by 10t. The new GMK4090 lets you dominate the competition with performance capabilities that include best load charts in its class.

GMK 4100L 1

GMK4100L-1 Most Popular in NZ!

  • Capacity: 100 t
  • Main boom: 11.4 m – 60.0 m
  • Max jib: 11.0 m – 25.6 m
  • Max tip height: 89.0 m

Its superior axle weight distribution (12t per axle), and 100t lift capacity provides the best load charts in its class. Easily permitted in NZ, and able to road 6.7t of counterweight. This crane is designed for narrow job sites, limited lift areas, and with its 60m boom, it can reach over buildings and structures to get the job done.

GMK 5150L


  • Capacity: 150 t
  • Main boom: 12.8 m – 60.0 m
  • Max jib: 33.8 m
  • Max tip height: 88.0 m

The new GMK5150-L delivers great ROI due to outstanding lifting capacities and greater job-site accessibility. Impressive lifting,  manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency will help you achieve greater profitability from each job. 

GMK 5180 1

GMK 5180-1

  • Capacity: 180 t
  • Main boom: 13.7 m – 64.0 m
  • Max jib: 34.0 m
  • Max tip height: 101.0 m

This is a versatile model with the added logistical benefits with interchangeable counterweight slabs and self-rigging auxiliary hoist. The GMK 5180-1 has proven lower operating costs when compared to other cranes in its class, with 30% less diesel consumption on the driveline.

GMK 5200 1

GMK 5200-1

  • Capacity: 200 t
  • Main boom: 13.7 m – 64.0 m
  • Max jib: 34.0 m
  • Max tip height: 101.0 m

Logistical benefits due to interchangeable counterweight slabs and self-rigging auxiliary hoist. Lower operating costs due to 30% less diesel consumption on the driveline.

GMK4070L Gallery


  • Capacity:70t
  • Main boom: 60m
  • Maximum jib: 8,7 - 15m
  • Maximum tip height: 77m

The GMK4070L offers with 60m the longest boom while also being the lightest crane in its class. Within 10t per axle the crane can carry 5,2t of counterweight and within 12t per axle 13,3t which leads to an unmatched flexibility in transportation. In addition to that the GMK4070L dominates with unmatched lifting capacities with full and partial counterweight configurations.

GMK5120L Gallery


  • Capacity: 120t
  • Main boom: 66m
  • Maximum jib: 9,7 - 16m
  • Maximum tip height: 90m

The GMK5120L boosts the versatility of taxi cranes to new levels. The 120 t machine offers an exceptional 66 m main boom and can easily carry a class-leading amount of counterweight – no matter if counterweight configurations for 10 t, 12 t, or 16.5 t per axle are required. This results in great flexibility and low transportation costs.

GMK 6300L


  • Capacity: 300 t
  • Main boom: 15.6 m – 80.0 m
  • Max jib: 37.0 m
  • Max tip height: 120.0 m

From urban job sites to rough terrain, the GMK6300-L continues to be a global success. Featuring the latest steer-by-wire technology and patented MEGATRAK™ system, the GMK6300L has a large lifting capacity for its compact design, maintaining its versatility for the operator.

GMK 6400


  • Capacity: 400 t
  • Main boom: 15.4 m – 60.0 m
  • Maximum jib: 79.0 m
  • Max tip height: 137.0 m

With the best load chart in class, the GMK6400 continues to be one of the most successful cranes of the Grove GMK all-terrain crane range with innovations like the removable outrigger box and self-rigging auxiliary hoist. it also the trademarked and self–rigging MegaWingLift™ attachment lifts the already impressive capacity by nearly 70 percent.

GMK 7450


  • Capacity: 450 t
  • Main boom: 16.0 m – 60.0 m
  • Max jib: 79.0m               
  • Max tip height:136.0 m

The GMK7450 offers a 450t maximum capacity on a seven-axle carrier with a 60m Twin-Lock boom. The optional Mega-Wing-Lift attachment increases capacity throughout the working range. The fully automatic ALLISON transmission, combined with MEGATRAK™ independent suspension system, ensures optimal performance both on and off-road.

M17 GMK3050 2

GMK3050-2 NEW

  • Capacity:50 t
  • Main boom: 10.2 m – 40.0 m
  • Maximum jib:15.0 m
  • Maximum tip height:60.7 m

The NEW GMK3050-2 features a five section 40m Twin-Lock hydraulic pinned main boom and an extra 7m swing-away jib. Its very compact dimensions with all equipment on board, guarantee a fast set-up and immediate readiness, even on the smallest job sites. The CCS operating system with jog-dial for efficient and comfortable operation and the boom configurator mode ensures the best boom configuration and utilisation.

M17 GMK6300L 1

GMK 6300L-1 NEW

  • Capacity:300 t
  • Main boom:15.6 m – 80.0 m
  • Maximum jib:37.0 m
  • Maximum tip height:120.0 m

The Grove GMK6300L-1 is stronger than the GMK6300L. Improved load charts, especially on long boom applications and large lifting capacities, are the main advantages of this crane compared to the GMK6300L. Further benefits of Grove’s GMK6300L-1 include increased working radius and capacities when working at height. A Euromot 4-/EPA Tier 4 final engine helps improve fuel economy. The GMK6300L-1 delivers versatility and efficiency, no matter the job.

GMK3050 2 Product Flyer

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GMK3060 Product Guide Metric

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GMK4080 2 Flyer Features Benefits

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GMK5150L GMK5150 flyer metric EN 2016 04

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GMK5180 1 EN

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GMK5150-L Preventative Maintenance

GMK5150-L Preventative Maintenance

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