Used Cranes for Sale - NZ

All second-hand cranes for sale by TRT are inspected, serviced or repaired, by our experienced crane technicians, and fit for operation. The following used cranes are available for your inspection. All used crane prices are available on request.

Kato NK500E-V - 2003

Type: Truck Mounted Crane
Capacity: 50 tonne
Km’s: 100,690
Boom: 40.0 metres

KATO NK-550 VR - 2008

Capacity: 55 T
Hours: 5770
Boom: 43.0m
Fly Jib: 9.2 m

Kobelco CKE8001-F - 2011

Capacity: 80 T
Hours: 10,102
Boom: 39.6.0m
Hooks: 55 T, 32 T and 6.6 T Ball Hook

KATO KR25H-V - 1996

Type: Rought Terrain Crane
Capacity 25 tonne
Boom – 30.5 metres
Fly Jib – 13.0 metres

GROVE RT530E - 2007

Type: Rought Terrain Crane
Capacity: 30t
Boom: 29m
Hours: 1350km

SOLD Potain IGO MA21 - 2016

Type: Self-Erecting Tower Crane
Maximum Capacity: 1800 kg
Maximum Capacity at 26m: 700 kg
Maximum Radius: 26m

GROVE GMK4080 2006 - SOLD

Capacity: 80 tonne
Boom: 51.0 metre
Fly Jib: 15.0 metres
Km’s: 70,200

P&H T450 Mobile Crane - 1982

Capacity: 45t Mobile Crane
Boom: 3 section 32.3m 
Hours: 9921
Distance: 86021km

All prices are POA. If you are looking for a specific crane or you don't see an option to suit, get in touch. We know who is looking to trade and if there are any used cranes coming onto the market.



About TRT Used Cranes 

We have over 40 years of experience in used crane sales, service and repairs.  We know cranes, not only the great brands we carry but all of the other makes and models in the market and how to keep them running and performing. 

All second-hand cranes for sale are inspected, serviced or repaired, by our experienced service technicians, fit for operation.  

Many of the used cranes listed are from trade-in for new cranes. Before a second-hand crane is listed the experienced TRT crane service team, check, repair and service cranes to be fit for operation.

The following cranes are currently available for your inspection. If you would like to get more information about a second-hand crane, please contact Dean in our crane team on 021 719 512 or send an enquiry now. 

All Prices Available on Request (POA)


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