Specialised Builds

There's always satisfaction in building something innovative that no one else can! We will take on a challenge and build the extraordinary!

TRT has long been recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading manufacturing engineering companies. Years of experience and expertise allow us to embark on special projects within transport engineering that not many other companies will attempt. Innovation is in our DNA, and driven by smarts, we have been able to deliver some pretty spectacular outcomes for customers

Sometimes the best results come from collaboration with customers, and in recognising other specialists, we will collaborate with other expert companies, while working alongside key suppliers. We have been involved with a range of diverse mechanical engineering projects in the past 50 years from the Kaimai Tunnel Beams of the late 60's to our newest challenges, some of which are shown below.

If you have a project that requires a transport solution, or you are not sure who can help, our in-house design and sales engineers will work with you to bring your ideas to life. 


Watercare 1

Watercare Limited

TRT worked closely with Watercare to provide a transport solution to haul treated biosolids from the adjacent Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant, backfilling an old quarry to create a new regional park.

The ultimate solution was two trains of three side tipping wagons pulled by Fendt tractors. The drivers are able to operate all three trailers from their tractor cabs, including tarpaulin covers and tipping, which can be activated individually or multiples.

Each wagon is able to be hitched up in any formation simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime.

albras 5x8 k

Albras Gantry Trailer

Built for Albras Aluminium Smelter near Belen on the Amazonian delta, northern Brazil. The gantry trailer is designed to enable quick change over of pots on the smelt line, and will dramatically reduce downtime.

The 135 Tonne SWL Gantry is mounted onto the two TRT designed lifting pillars, which raise the gantry 6.5 metres. Featuring 5 steering, rows of 8 axles, this gantry trailer was one of the bigger trailers designed and built in Hamilton at the time. The Jost Tridec steering and suspension for the BPW axles is linked to the Fifth Wheel King Pin.

A similar design collaboration trailer is based at Tewai Aluminium Smelter, Bluff, NZ.

On to the next job easy set up.

Transpower Mobile Substations

This is the largest mobile substation built in New Zealand, and possibly the largest in Australasia. It is not the first (mobile substations have been around since the early 1900s) but there has never been one on this scale, nor with this degree
of mobility.

TRT worked with Transpower and a number of specialist providers to create this innovative industry solution with a great return on investment for Transpower. The substation comprises two trailer units. The transformer is on one trailer, four rows of eight - fixed width for the cable roll and the switchgear and control room are on the second—a fixed width quad. Both have rear steering axles. The combined weight of the units is 113 tonnes. Specialised or modified tractor units are not required.

Both trailers are fully road compliant and require no dispensation. They can be transported easily to any of the 14 Transpower sites in New Zealand and that includes being transported on the Cook Strait ferries.

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