Forklift Seats

TRT offers a selection of high-quality forklift seating, with stock available and delivery NZ wide. Whatever forklift seats you need, talk to TRT today.

Pilot F793

This seat is suited to light construction vehicles and forklifts.

Pilot PSP81V1A48

A versatile forklift seat featuring backrest adjustment.

Pilot PS26MN80

When comfort and safety are a priority, this is an ideal forklift seat.

KAB - P2

A cost effective, space saving forklift and small construction equipment seat.

KAB - P6

A compact, two-piece small machinery and forklift seat, with vibration absorption.


A Wide Range of Quality Forklift Seats

TRT has a wide range of quality forklift seats from cost-effective one piece pans, right through to highly ergonomic and adjustable seats for when you need both comfort and safety. There are a range of weatherproof options, as well as foldable and adjustable headrests and backrests. Some models include vibration absorption to help reduce fatigue, together with driver weight and damper adjustment.

When it comes to forklifts seats, TRT have everything you need.


Safety Compliant Forklift Seats & Safety Belts

Forklift operator safety and comfort is a priority. A forklift (especially if they are older) should have a seat belt for optimal operator safety. The advice from WorkSafe is that all vehicles in a workplace must be safe for the intended use.

We have several compliant safety belt options available with our most popular forklift seat that you can easily retrofit.

Forklift seat safety checklist:

  • The seat is in good working condition.
  • It has a safety belt.
  • The belt is not frayed or worn.
  • The operator wears it.

If you are concerned about your operator safety, take advantage of our great Forklift Seat + Safety Belt Combo Deal. 

Tell us the make and model of your forklift, where you're operating, and we will find the right forklift seat for you.