Truck and Trailer Brakes

TRT has an extensive range of truck and trailer brakes, fittings, valves and controls. We are your one source for all your heavy transport brake solutions.

Reman Exchange Calipers

Save time and get back on the road faster with TRT’s remanufactured caliper exchange programme

TRT have a broad range of quality foundation brake components, brake systems, drum brakes, disc brakesvalves, calipers, brake shoes and air couplings for trucks, trailers, buses and machinery.  We carry the genuine leading aftermarket brands that represent quality in the market.

We have extensive inventory available. If you can’t find something listed, or if you are not sure what you need our parts service team is able to help - all we need is the rego.

Air brake systems utilise advanced technology such as ABS and EBS and TRT carries a range of solutions.

Foundation brakes have improved with technology – from brake drums moving to fast change brake shoes; high lift camshafts, automatic slack adjusters or disc brakes. TRT have the resources and experience to support brake technology with genuine trailer brake parts and factory support.

If you are not sure what brake components or parts you need, all we need is you rego to keep you moving!