Easi-Grip Safety Belts 

APV-S have launched a new innovative design and safety function that makes it easy for a forklift or machinery operator to quickly locate and fasten their safety belt!


Keep your team safe and encourage the use of safety belts in with the new Easi-Grip Safety Belts by APVS.

Designed for use in most environments, the Easi-Grip safety belt system encourages the use of belts when operators are in and out of machines. This can reduce the chance of serious harm incidents and will help to reinforce safety policies with operators. 



  • Encourages the use of the seat belt as the tongue and buckle are ‘Presented’ to the occupant at a convenient position.
  • The moulded handset can be used with protective gloves
  • Can be used with rainwear or thermal clothing as the seat belt is easy to find and hold
  • Designed to fit the most common seating configuration for forklifts and machinery.
  • The warning alarm's electrical connections suitable for ignition
  • Isolation is standard fitment.
  • Web Cleaning system keeps dirt and grit out of the mechanism
  • Range of seat mounting options to suit most industrial applications. 


Retro Fit to Existing Seats or Install with New Seats 

Easi-Grip can be used with a number of machinery and forklift seats. Retrofit easily to the seat if you have the following:

  • No handles, armrests, or plastic covers around seatbelt anchorages.
  • Preferably, seatbelt anchorages at the lower back of the seat frame.


Download the APVS Easi-Grip Brochure and find out how you can improve forklift and machinery safety for your operators!

How Easi-Grip Works






The seatbelt is ‘presented’ to the operator. No more searching for the tongue before connecting the buckle.  Buckle arm on the access side lifts up for easy entry. Soft moulding material wraps around the body for a secure, comfortable fit. Warning lights or monitoring devices are able to be activated if the belt is not connected. Electric connections are compatible with most ignition isolation systems. A special APVS ‘web cleaning’ system on the seat belt side ensures efficient retractor operation. This keeps dirt, gravel, and stones out of the belt unit. Robust moulding for long term durability and operator comfort.
Select the mounting options to best suit your equipment. 


Improve operator safety for your machinery and forklifts. Get in touch with the seating specialists at TRT today!