Truck Exhaust - Chrome Plated Exhaust Stacks

Chrome Plated Exhaust Stacks - Nelson

Truck Exhaust - Flame Proof Tanker Kits

FLame proof tanker exhaust and kits

Truck - Exhaust Raincap

Precision balanced rain caps from 2" to 8' available

Truck Exhaust - Muffler

Full range of mufflers available

Truck Exhaust - V-Band Clamps

All types of clamps, zinc plated and aluminised options

Truck Exhaust - Bends 45 Degree Standard

Exhaust bends standards and long legs

Truck - Full and Half Exhaust Guards

Exhaust guards full and half guards brackets and camps

Truck Exhaust - Straight Tube Couplers

Exhaust couplers - full range - all applications

We stock a full range of truck exhaust and muffler options from Nelson, the worlds leading aftermarket and OEM replacement quality exhaust brand.

There are options for stainless steel, chrome plated, with zinc plated and aluminised components and brackets and range available includes:

  • Deflector and straight stacks
  • Flameproof tanker kits
  • Mufflers
  • Raincaps
  • Clamps
  • Bends from 30° to 90°
  • Couplers and flanges

We carry a large range of stock in our warehouses in Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch.

  • Same day delivery available.

Please contact your TRT rep for your pricing. For general enquiry or to place an order, contact the parts team.

Truck Exhaust - Chrome Plated Exhaust Stacks

Exhaust Stacks and Guards

We have a wide range of exhaust stacks for trucks and specialist options for tankers. The range from Nelson includes:

  • Exhaust Stacks with both deflector and straight stacks
  • Tanker Stacks and flame proof kits
  • Exhaust Guards
  • Rain Caps

Please note that exhaust kit parts are available separately, please contact us for more options.

Exhaust Guards, Stacks and Tankers

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Truck Exhaust - Stainless Steel Flex

Stainless Steel Flex

Designed to take high temperatures, such as those found in diesel engine applications.

  • Stainless flex -standard length 3m and available in a range of diameters
  • Flex is also available cut to length.
  • Flex bellow connectors in a variety of diameters and are 18" long

Download the info for a full range of options.

Stainless Steel Flex

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Truck Exhaust - Muffler


Nelson aluminised steel mufflers are world renowned for their silencing quality manufactured to exceed OEM standards. Features include:

  • Improved noise reduction and proper back pressure for improved silencing performance
  • Longer service life
  • Improved fit and installation – means faster repairs and leak-proof seals

View the different types and sizes and how to identify the type of muffler, download the info or get in touch below.


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Truck Exhaust - Bends 45 Degree Standard

Exhaust Bends & Clamps

Available in 45°, 90°, 30° and 60º bends, both standard and notched, with a variety of leg lengths. There are a full range of diametres available for all applications.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Chrome plated

Exhaust clamps are available in all styles and sizes. Download the information to view the full range of options.

Bends and Clamps

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Truck - Full and Half Exhaust Guards

Full & Half Exhaust Guards

We have a range of options available for exhaust guards to suit your truck. These are available from 152mm to 305mm diametre and come in a range of heights.

Nelson's bright stainless steel shields will not discolor, crack, chip or peel.

Full and Half Exhaust Guards

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Truck - Exhaust Raincap

Exhaust Raincaps

Nelson exhaust raincaps are precision balanced with nylon stops for 'SILENT' operation. They are available in a range of sizes from 1.5" to 8" and feature:

  • Single Bolt Mounting
  • Heavy-duty welded assembly
  • Precision balancing

Exhaust Raincaps

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Truck Exhaust - Straight Tube Couplers

Exhaust Couplers

We have a full range of couplers (connectors) and adaptors available for all exhaust applications.

  • Single
  • Lipped/flanged
  • straight tube (shown)
  • Expanded adaptors to reduce large OD to pipe.

Couplers Adaptors

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Truck Exhaust - V-Band Clamps

Clamps, Donuts & Junctions

  • V Band clamps are designed to cater to the majority of engine applications including Cummins and Detroit and are available in a variety of sizes. 
  • Donuts in a range of sizes
  • Y Junctions are available mild steel, Aluminised steel and chrome plated

Clamps, Donuts and Junctions

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Truck Exhaust - Flame Proof Tanker Kits

Tanker Kit - Exhaust

A standard kit consists of:

  • Stainless steel top and bottom shroud
  • Stainless steel transition cap
  • Bracket mounting rings
  • Muffler pipe mounting brackets
  • Chrome plated straight stack
  • Chrome plated silent raincap

Tanker Kit - Exhaust

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