3x4 Tri Axle Low Loader

Tri Axle Widening Low Loader clear cut

Tri Axle 3x4 - Axle Widening Low Loader

Tri Deck Widening Low Loader with 1 rear steer clear cut

TRT 3x4 Deck Widening Low Loader with 1 Rear Steer

Tri Fixed Width Low Loader

TRT Tri Axle 3x4 Fixed Width Low Loader

3 x 4 Deck Widening Low Loader

TRT 3x4 Tri Axle Deck Widening Low Loader

Tri Extendable Low Loader

TRT Tri Axle 3x4 Extendable Low Loader

Tri Mid Tipping Deck Low Loader clear cut

TRT Tri Axle 3x4 Mid Tipping Deck

Up to 30t Payload (NZ)

Our in-house design and sales team work with you to achieve the best solution for your application. All of our trailers come with TRT's standard quality features and finishes to ensure that your trailer is returning its investment for the long haul.  

We have a range of 3x4 low loader options to suit your payloads and operating environment:

  • Axle widening
  • Deck widening
  • Widening with 1 rear steer
  • Extendable length
  • Fixed width
  • Mid tipping deck

TRT are able to manufacture to your required deck length to suit varied machines. View the drawings and specifications for each model below. If you're not sure which trailer is best for your operation, use our Trailer Selector tool or get in touch with one of our team.

Axle Widening Low Loader

  • 2.5m closed to 3.5m open.
  • Increased stability
  • Full depth chassis with axles set through,  for maximum strength.
  • Low profile gooseneck design.
  • Hydraulic suspension (double acting) for maximum stability and lift axle options.

Designed to widen to the width of the machines being transported to give maximum stability. Widening from 2.5m to 3.5m and with varied deck lengths to suit plant and equipment up to 30t.


Fixed Width Low Loader

  • Built from 2.5m wide up to 3m wide
  • With swept path cert no travel restrictions (NZ)

This trailer built at the width to suit your plant and equipment. It is a simple trailer to operate at lighter tare weights than a widening trailer. Ideal where access is difficult or bridges are narrow. Check with TRT's engineers, this trailer combination can be supplied with a swept path certificate for unrestricted travel.

Mid Tipping Deck

  • Multiple machine loading
  • Hydraulic Mid Tip Deck gives access to top deck
  • Paver style ramps for low ground clearance machines

Where multiple machines are required to be transported, this model, with Hydraulic Mid Tip Deck provides the solution. Ideal for Roading operators who have a range of equipment that needs to be on site together.

Deck Widening - Without Steer

  • Widens from 2.5m to 3.5m
  • Ideal for narrow roads with limited access
  • Strong spine and rib construction

Deck widening low loaders are used mainly where wide machines need to be transported into areas where access is difficult and roads are narrow. The wheels stay at 2.5m wide but decks can widen up to 3.5m to suit the width of the load.

Extendable Low Loader

  • Low height at 700mm allows high loads to travel legally
  • Extending to 15.2
  • Ramps fitted for track machines.

Loads that would normally be over height can be transported legally with the super low deck height. Extending to 15.2m with several other locking lengths to suit. Fitted with ramps this trailer becomes a versatile trailer able to carry track plant and machinery, substations, buildings etc.

This trailer is ideal for Long loads, and where height is an issue.

Deck Widening with Rear Steer - AUS

  • Width: 2.5 m to 3.5 m 
  • Widening: Axles remain 2.5 m wide for narrow roads with limited access
  • Rear Steer: Spaced rear steer provides extra payload and maneuverability
  • Travel Height: 910mm on 17.5 tyres (other tyre options available)

For transporting over-dimensional loads in metro areas, but also when you need a low loader that operates as easily on-highway and on forestry roads. This trailer can be supplied with or without top deck. It features an extra deep coaming rail, , high tensile, full depth chassis, and cross members engineered for extra strength where it counts. The low loader in the attached drawings has a special axle group (spread) for additional payload.


Please refer to the specifications in the drawings tab for more detailed information
Double acting hydraulic suspension - for increased stability  with the ability to lift any axle
Low profile gooseneck – load machines further forward to maximise payload
High tensile construction with wear plate decking.
Deep coaming rail  - ensures less deflection when fully loaded.
Full depth chassis rail with axles set through – strong design and lowest deck height avialable
Load restraints – rated 10t
BPW axles – larger brake linings, fitted backing plates and easy serviceability
Ramps – Power up and down for safety, float mode ensures longevity of rams when loading.
Accumulators – provides a soft ride and less fatigue on trailer, truck and driver.
Widening stool – All tyres are off the ground when widening, protecting bitumen surfaces
Steering axles -  for improved manoeuvrability

Drawing 3x4 Widening - NZ

> pdf (443 KB)

Specification 3x4 Widening - NZ

> pdf (136 KB)

Drawing 3x4 Fixed Width - NZ

> pdf (245 KB)

Spec 3x4 Fixed Width - NZ

> pdf (134 KB)

Drawing 3x4 Extendable - AU

> pdf (824 KB)

Spec 3x4 Extendable - AU

> pdf (223 KB)

Drawing 3x4 Mid Tipping Deck - AU

> pdf (583 KB)

Spec 3x4 Mid Tipping Deck - AU

> pdf (136 KB)

Drawing 3x4 Deck Widening - AU

> pdf (418 KB)

Spec 3x4 Deck Widening - AU

> pdf (135 KB)

Drawing 3x4 Deck Widening 1 Rear Steer - AU

> pdf (796 KB)

Spec 3x4 Deck Widening 1 Rear Steer - AU

> pdf (135 KB)

Axle Widening Low Loader Brochure 2022

> pdf (4.3 MB)

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