Truck Suspension

Truck Hendrickson HAS

Hendrickson HAS Suspension

Truck Hendrickson RTE

Hendrickson RTE Suspension

Truck Primaxx Suspension

Primaxx Suspension

Truck Japanese Suspension

Japanese Suspension

We have a range of brands for many truck suspension applications, both air and mechanical suspension.

  • Walking Beam Suspension
  • Torque rods 
  • Bushes

Exploded parts drawings for

  • Hendrickson RTE and HAS suspension
  • Primaxx
  • Reyco 102AR and 240AR
  • Kenworth Airglide 100, 200, and 400
  • Japanese 6 Rod Mechanical suspension

We have genuine Hino bushes, a universal design to fit most japanese 6 rod suspensions.  Ask us about our special deal!

Please contact your TRT rep for your pricing. 


Truck Hendrickson HAS

Hendrickson Truck Suspension

Hendrickson's RTE and RT series are the industry standard in mechanical suspension. This solution is designed to improve weight comfort and durability. 

  • RT Series
  • RTE Series
  • HN Series

The Hendrickson HAS series is the Air suspension solutions which ae lightweight for line haul and have rugged durability for on and off-highway applications.

See the exploded drawings attached.

Hendrickson Truck Suspension

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Truck Primaxx Suspension

Primaxx Suspension

The Primaxx Suspension from Hendricksen is designed specifically for very heavy duty operation and 100% off-road use, while remaining smooth enough for line haul and on-road solutions.

  • Single tandem and tri-axle configurations
  • Improved ground clearance

Primaxx Suspension

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M17 Reyco

Reyco Truck Suspension

The Reyco truck suspension model 102 steel spring drive axle suspension has a proven track record as a rugged, reliable truck suspension. This suspension is rugged enough to to be used in defence vehicles applications. Features include;

  • Cast hangers and axle seats
  • Cast, adjustable torque arms and rubber bushings allow the suspension to absorb “diagonal walk” without transmitting stress to the vehicle.
  • Springs designed to create a cushioned ride, loaded or empty

Reyco Truck Suspension

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Truck Japanese Suspension

Japanese Truck Suspension

We have options for Japanese 6 rod mechanical suspension, a standard fitment for many trucks. The 6 rod has 2 upper and two lower torque arm assemblies and inverted low arch springs.  It is a common mechanical suspension for 6x4 tippers.

We also have the universal Hino torque od bushes designed to fit most Japanese 6 rod suspensions. ask us about our deal!

Japanese Truck Suspension

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