Ballrace and Kingpins

Couplings - PBW Double Row Ball Race

BPW Double Row Ball Race

Couplings - King Pin KZ 1016

KZ 1016

  • Ballrace
  • Kingpins
  • Turntables

We carry a large range of stock in our warehouses in Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch.

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Note: we have grade 8 flange head chassis bolts available to fit your ballrace or fifth wheel.



Couplings - PBW Double Row Ball Race

Ballrace Turntables

Our ball race solutions include:

  • HE - for drawbar and special trailers
  • SO - for drawbar and special trailers
  • KDL - for low profile balance models
  • BPW double row Ballrace

View the information with configurations, drawings and measurements, or download for your reference.

Ball Race Turntables

> pdf (625 KB)
Couplings - King Pin KZ 1016

King pins

TRT have a range of kingpins from Jost. Trailer coupling king pins are available, as pictured in the gallery above in:

  • Cone Shaped
  • Drop Out
  • Drop in

Download the attached information sheet for identification diagrams.

TRT Tip: Always replace mounting bolts each time you change the king pin and torque to manufacturers settings.


> pdf (953 KB)

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