Manitowoc Crawler Cranes

8500 1a

Manitowoc model 8500-1 80t

11000 1 web

Model No. 11000-1 - 100t

MLC100 1 Gallery

The MLC100-1 features self-assembly capabilities

12000 1 front

Model No. 12000-1 110t

14000 close wind

Model No. 14000 - 200t - shown installing wind farm turbines

Hero3 300 v1

Model No. MLC 300 - 350t

16000 areal wind

Model No. 16000 400t - installing wind turbine blades.

18000 2indark

Model no. 18000 showing lift at night with full boom and jib extensions.

MCL 650c

Model No. MCL 650 - 650t

Manitowoc crawler cranes lead the world in quality and lifting technology and are backed by Manitowoc Crane Care. TRT are the NZ distributors for Manitowoc and the Manitowoc crawler crane range.

The name ‘Manitowoc’ symbolises crawler cranes, known for their red colour, Manitowoc cranes can be found across the world. Manitowoc has become the industry leader in innovation, performance and support for these amazing pieces of kit!

There are 16 Manitowoc crawler crane models, ranging up to 2,300 t. TRT offer the full range, but the most common options for NZ crawlers are shown in the "models" tab below., with options from 80t to 650t.

Manitowoc also offers duty-cycle crawler cranes and wheeled cranes for special industrial and marine applications. Industry-leading technology including the CAN-BUS with EPIC control system and the FACT quick assembly system ensures that Manitowoc Cranes will give you a clear advantage on the work site over other crawler cranes.

8500 1b

8500-1 80 Tonne

  • Capacity: 80 t
  • Main Boom Length: 61 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom: 18.3 m
  • Luffing Jib on Main Boom: N/A

This smaller 80t crane has been designed to comply with Tier 4i. Contractors will appreciate the simple operation, ease of setup and reliability of this small crawler crane. It is backed by TRT's experienced crane team and Manitowoc Crane Care.

M17 MLC100 1 Clear cut

MLC100-1 - 100t Self Assembly

  • Capacity: 100 t
  • Main Boom Length: 61 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom:3 m
  • Luffing Jib on Main Boom: N/A

The MLC100-1 is a leading crane in the 100t crawler crane class. It features self-assembly capabilities and button style wire rope terminations that allow for quick and easy assembly, saving you time and cost on a job. Additionally, a new widebody cab and improved accessibility increase operator comfort and ease of maintenance. See the video tab for the self-assembly demonstration. 

11000 1 web

11000-1 100 Tonne

  • Capacity: 100 t
  • Main Boom Length: 61 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom: 18.3 m
  • Luffing Jib on Main Boom: N/A

The 11000-1  is one of Manitowoc's new small crawler cranes, this 100-tonne crawler is backed by Manitowoc's industry-leading Manitowoc Crane Care product support, which covers parts, service, and training. Contractors and operators will like the simple operation, easy setup and the reliability of this small crawler crane.

12000 1 front

12000-1 110 Tonne

  • Capacity: 110 t
  • Main Boom Length: 70.1 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom:  21.3 m
  • Luffing Jib on Main Boom: N/A

The 12000-1 is a 110 t crawler crane has a self-erecting counterweight and retractable crawlers. Crane operators will appreciate its simple operation, easy of setup and the reliability of this small crawler crane. It is backed by parts, service and Manitowoc Crane Care training support.

14000 close wind

14000 - 200 Tonne

  • Capacity: 200 t
  • Main Boom Length: 89 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom: 24.4 m
  • Luffing Jib on Main Boom: 51.8 m

 The fully hydraulic crane offers a maximum main boom of 89 m, a luffing jib up to 110 m and lift capacity of 200 tonne. with fast, efficient self-assembly and disassembly, the 14000 features the patented CAN-Bus and EPIC control system configured with six independent closed-loop hydraulic circuits. The 14000 crawler crane uses the FACT connection system for easy set-up.

MCL 300

MLC 300 - 350 Tonne

  • Capacity: 350 t
  • Main Boom Length: 101 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom: 42.0 m
  • Luffing Jib on Main Boom: 96.0 m

The Manitowoc MLC300 continues to reshape the landscape of the 300t capacity class.  Already known for its VPC technology that delivers unprecedented lifting performance, the MLC300 has a range of boom/jib configurations including a 3.5m wide boom kit for exceptional capacities.  The MLC300 also has a fixed position counterweight configuration with multiple drum options to create a versatile lifting solution.

16000 areal wind

16000 - 400 Tonne

  • Capacity: 400 t
  • Main Boom Length: 96 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom: 42.7 m
  • Luffing Jib on Main Boom: 84 m

Manitowoc's new Model 16000 features time-honored Manitowoc quality and new innovations such as EPIC controls with CAN-Bus technology and dual LCD color monitors with easy to read graphic displays. For more information visit

MCL 650

MLC 650 - 650 Tonne

  • Capacity: 650 t
  • Main Boom Length: 104 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom: 42.0 m
  • Luffing Jib on Main Boom: 101.0 m

The new Manitowoc MLC650 features a Variable Position Counterweight™ (VPC™) that allows the crane’s counterweight to be positioned automatically while still offering an unmatched level of versatility and capability. The Crane Control System is also a newly-added feature that aids the operator in a quick and easy set-up. Download the full product brochure using the link to download.  

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18000 2distance

18000 750 Tonne - confirm v.650t

  • Capacity: 750t
  • Main Boom Length: 97.5 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom: 33.2 m
  • Luffing Jib on Main Boom: 73.2 m

The Manitowoc 18000 can lift up to 750 t with MAX-ER, gaining the balance between brute strength and ease of mobility that delivers a high capacity and a compact footprint for maximum return on investment. The closed-loop hydraulic system provides
a separate hydraulic circuit to power each crane function and with its EPIC control system, this crane cannot be matched in its class. Download the brochure from Manitowoc's website below.

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Please download any files directly from the Manitowoc website that are not linked on the models page. If you would like a brochure sent to you please call the TRT Crane team on 07 849 4839.

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MLC 300 Product Guide


MLC 300

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MLC 650


MLC100-1 Assembly Overview

MLC100-1 Assembly Overview

MLC 300 - Manitowoc Crawler Crane

MLC 300 - Manitowoc Crawler Crane

MCL650 - Variable Position Counterweight (VPC)

MCL650 - Variable Position Counterweight (VPC)

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