Truck Loader Cranes

Truck Loader Cranes

HIAB Truck Cranes

HIAB Truck Cranes are available in a full range of sizes to suit all NZ operations. HIAB has your industry covered, from building and construction, landscaping, concreting, and more. Find a truck crane for your operations.

Light Loader Cranes

Convenient, versatile, and lightweight. Hiab Light Knuckle Boom Capacity Truck Cranes fit onto most small trucks and utes. Lifting capacity of (0 - 10Tm).

Medium Loader Cranes

The balance between payload and capacity from a range of options including knuckle boom, longer extension, and folding. Lifting capacity of (10 - 30Tm).

Heavy Loader Cranes

For remarkable performance, flexibility and power. Choose a knuckle-boom, short-boom, or long boom. Lifting capacity of (30 - 100Tm).

Hiab T-CLX Stationary

T-Cranes are ideal for smaller to medium sized truck installations and are exceptional for material handling, adding flexibility to each loading and unloading operation.


The HIAB T-HiDuo is a stiff boom T-Crane light model with a folding structure optimized for transportation. The Duo control system gives you all the assistance of functions that add safety and ease of use.

HIAB - Built to Perform

HIAB Truck Cranes will help you stay competitive, whether your business depends on heavy lifting, fast loading cycles or the most delicate precision – or just a bit of everything, Hiab has the right crane for your operation.

From their power and control to safety and reliability, HIAB Truck Cranes offer a performance unmatched in its class.

Supported locally with subframe manufacture and design, and aftersales parts and service options, your choice is simple.

HIAB Truck Cranes can give you incredible flexibility. They come in a wide variety of types and capacities, all offering customisation to suit your operation.

Each of the links above will also link you to the Hiab crane selector on Hiab's website. To choose the right HIAB Truck crane, you need to know what you want from it – now and in the future. Contact our experts or check out the product finder on Hiab's website, with the questions you need to ask when selecting a HIAB truck crane.



HIAB  Genuine Parts

Hiab original spare parts are designed specifically for HIAB equipment. Using 100% genuine ensures crane performance,  longevity and reliability when you need it most. Please contact us directly about 100% genuine HIAB parts.

HIAB Club Shop

For the extensive range of HIAB clothing, workwear, models, promotional merchandise, gifts and much much more. Not a member? Get in touch today. 


TRT Truck Trailer and Machinery Parts

TRT carry an extensive range of truck, trailer, and crane parts, in one of our 3 warehouses NZ wide - Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch. As a HIAB owner, we are also able to support your trucks and equipment with our huge range of truck engine, drivetrain, brakes, axles and suspension, and hydraulics from the world's leading OEM and aftermarket parts suppliers. We are also NZ leading supplier of truck and machinery seats - check out or range.

Ask about an account and our Same Day/Next Day delivery options from the Parts team.

Find out which HIAB would suit your operation? Give us a call 07 849 4839 or contact us using the link below.