Crane Trailers

We lead the innovation in crane trailers and support trailers. We know cranes and we know how to get them from A to B safely and efficiently!

Crane Support Trailers

Semi Trailers, B Doubles & Counterweight Trailers

Boom Dolly Trailers

Get a crane to site without removing the boom!

Potain IGO Trailer

Easy transport with most prime mover units


TRT have designed specific trailer models to meet the crane set up procedures, safety requirements, and operator requirements. We have a range of semi-trailers and B- Doubles with skeletal and decked in designs available. Our boom dolly trailers are specifically designed to improve large crane roadability. The Potain IGO MA21 trailer makes this self-erecting crane more versatile. All crane trailers are manufactured by TRT and are designed to be safe, operator friendly and transport maximum loads.

Larger cranes, like a Grove All-Terrain GMK6300, require a number of pieces of equipment to be set up on site before they are operational, so the faster and more safely this ancillary equipment can get to site and set up, the more efficient the job and safety risks can be mitigated. The crane trailers are designed to get this equipment to site easily and cost-effectively while optimising operator safety.

We are able to provide a trailer solution for any brand or size of crane.


Versa-Lock System

TRT’s Versa-Lock System enables easy reconfiguration of the trailer to carry components for any crane make or model in an optimised configuration. The system also enables the positioning of modules on the crane trailer to be moved in 50mm increments, reducing overall downtime and improving transport efficiency.

Crane Outrigger Pads

To compliment the range of trailers we have designed and engineered a range of crane outrigger pads constructed using high tensile steel. View the size and weight chart!

All TRT crane outrigger pads come with engineering ground pressure data.