Kobelco's mission is to create efficient and sustainable social infrastructure. To work in earnest, and environmental friendliness is their fundamental commitment. Kobelco Cranes are green, reflecting their respect for the environment.

Kobelco's View of the Future

Kobelco envision a world in which people, now and in the future, can fulfill their hopes and dreams while enjoying safe, secure, and prosperous lives.

Kobelco's Mission

Kobelco's mission is to provide solutions to the needs of society, by making the best use of the talents of our employees and our technologies.

Core Values of Kobelco 

  • Kobelco provide technologies, products and services that win the trust and confidence of their customers we serve and the society in which we live.
  • We value, and support the growth of, each employee on an individual basis, while creating a cooperative and harmonious environment.
  • Through continuous and innovative changes, Kobelco create new values for the society of which we are a member. 

Six Pledges of Kobelco

1. Uphold the Highest Sense of Ethics and Professionalism

2. Contribute to the Society by Providing Superior Products and Services

3. Establish a Comfortable but Challenging Work Environment

4. Live in Harmony with the Local Community

5. Contribute to a Sustainable Environment

6. Respect Each Stakeholder

Kobelco Sustainability Brochure

Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Lead Time

Production lead time is the period from when an order is placed to the delivery and completion of the product. Trimming the lead time will minimise the amount of waste, and the consumption of paper and power, thus protecting the environment. Kobelco are rationalising our production lines, improving their efficiency, elaborating production technologies to reduce the duration and number of production processes, and adopting automatic processing machines to increase unmanned operation and reduce work shift, all to reduce the lead time.

Quality assurance during production 

Customer satisfaction and environmental protection can be achieved by ensuring product quality. Defects in cranes and other large machines can result in a significant waste of labour and materials if discovered only after assembly. Therefore, Kobelco implements comprehensive quality control at the parts manufacturers' level to minimise parts defects, and to conduct strict examinations of components before assembly, including contamination testing, to ensure that the product is free of contaminants. These measures can reduce unnecessary production processes, waste oil, and other forms of waste.

Green procurement, and examination of chemical substances contained in typical models 

Kobelco collaborates with its suppliers to practice green procurement, by acquiring components that are environmentally friendly and ones that contain fewer regulated toxic materials. In addition, they conduct rigorous inspections of their products before delivery to prevent environmental pollution and promote a recycling-oriented society. For instance, Kobelco scrutinizes all chemical substances present in the parts of common models meant for the European market, ensuring that Kobelco machines do not contain toxic substances surpassing the levels stipulated by the stringent European REACH standard.