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Accessories - Oversize Safety Sign AMS

Oversize NZ

Accessories - Safety Signs

Oversize and Overtaking warning panels

Accessories - Safety Signs CIXT058B

Dangerous Good flip sign

Accessories - Safety Signs CIXT058B

Dangerous Good Labels and Signs

Accessories - Safety Signs CIXT033/A

Reflective Chevron Panels

Accessories - Over Dimension Banners

Oversize Flags

Accessories - Oversize Safety Sign CIX

Oversize Sign AU

TRT have a range of truck and trailer safety signage.  The range includes:

  • Oversize signs - NZ and Australia reflective 
  • Split oversize signs (shown)
  • Oversize Banners - non-reflective daytime use
  • Hazard signs and overtaking signs
  • Dangerous good truck flip signs (steel)
  • Dangerous goods diamonds

All signs meet the requirements of TNZ and NZ and Australia standards.

  • Same day delivery available.

Please contact your TRT rep for your pricing or contact us below to place an order.

> Safety and Oversize Signs (PDF)