Construction Tipper

Construction Tipper 1

TRT’s construction Tipper being loaded

Construction Tipper 2

Split beam suspension provides real stability on uneven sites

Construction Tipper 3

Unloading onsite at full hydraulics ram extension.

Construction Tipper 4

Full load ready for unloading

With a genuine 30t capacity and a lighter stronger Hardox™ steel construction, TRT's construction tipper trailer is designed and engineered for NZ conditions. It is loaded with features to make the job easier. 

  • Split beam suspension allows axles to travel up to 400mm
  • Fully adjustable drawbar allows you to change the tractor
  • The hydraulic suspension allows for a softer ride
  • Tailgate with double acting ram has 100% liquid seal.
  • The top ‘pivot forward’ tailgate allows high ejection for stockpiling.

Both the 16m3 genuine water tabled capacity end tipper body and tailgate are manufactured for maximum strength at the lightest tare. TRT’s construction tipper trailer provides a practical and capable alternative to an expensive articulated dump truck. It has a smaller footprint, greater maneuverability in the working area and is easily adjusted for towing by any 250hp + tractor.

Driven Axle

Driven Axle

  • Operate in harsh conditions with increased traction
  • Improved productivity maximises your haulage days
  • Provides additional traction on take off
  • Will climb double the gradient with a full load without loss of traction
  • Axle features auto disengage when at haul road speeds
  • Hydraulically operated using the tractors couplings
  • Fully proportional joystick for better control
Split Beam Suspension 1

Split Beam Suspension

The split beam suspension allows axles to travel up to 400 mm, and on each side of the tipper trailer. This provides the operator with stability of rough and undulating terrain, common to a construction or infrastructure sites, allowing payloads to be maximised and transport easier.

Draw Bar Coupling

Adjustable Draw Bar

As the work environment can change and available equipment can change, TRT have included a fully adjustable draw bar allowing the tractor unit to be swapped out, no fuss not problems.  This makes the trailer more versatile, productive and efficient.

Adjustable draw bar with Hydraulic suspension and ram

Hydraulic Suspension

Construction and infrastructure sites are undulating which can affect the trailer and the load.  The hydraulic suspension and ram offers a softer ride for the operator, helping to prevent fatigue, and as importantly, looking after the surfaces of the job site, preventing further damage as it transports a full payload to stock pilling areas. 

Double acting ram on tailgate

Double Acting Ram on Tail Gate

The double acting ram on the tailgate ensures there is a 100 % seal, preventing liquids and sodden site materials to leak as they cross a work site.  This prevents surface damage and protects through ways as the unit transports its payload off site or to another area. 

Forward Pivot tailgate

Forward Pivot Tailgate

The top of the tailgate lifts forward to ensure that the load is able to clear the trailer. This convenient feature allows for high ejection for easier and higher stock piling, helping to reduce overall footprint of stockpiles and keep an busy worksite more accessible and potentially safer.

Spec - Construction Tipper

Drawing - Construction Tipper Trailer

Drawing - Construction Tipper Trailer 2

Camera option above headboard window

Optional Camera

It’s important to have a view to the rear of the tipper when loading.  TRT has developed a small viewing window on the front of the trailer for the operator to view the activity, however, this is optimised with the installation of a camera that focuses on the activity and loading, improving overall site safety.

Option Slippery body liner

Slippery Body Liner

TRT is able to add a slippery surface to the interior of the load to ensure that the unloading time is minimised, depending on the types of loads you are expecting to carry. It assists with full unloading and prevents build-up of materials.  A great option for water-logged worksites.

Construction Tipper in Action

Construction Tipper in Action

Construction Tipper Tests

Construction Tipper Tests

For advice about the best construction tipper option, give Glen a call on 07 849 4839 for more information or a quote.