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Transmission - Eaton Auto Shift

18 Speed Eaton Autoshift

Transmission - Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission

Transmission - Eaton Rebuild Bearing Kits

One of the many kits available

Transmission - Fuller Automatic

18 speed transmission

Transmission - ZF Transmission

16 speed transmission

TRT stock a range of transmission options that provide proven support for OEM products including most American, Europen and Japanese brands, with 13, 15 and 18 speeds available. The range includes:

  • Eaton Road Ranger
  • Allison
  • ZF

We always have a large stock holding of transmissions on hand and you can count on us to deliver, especially when it's costing you to have a truck off the road.

We are well known for our in-house specialists in transmission identification, repair and refurbishment, We offer a service exchange programme with refurbished transmissions, including a 12 month warranty.

To help you, below are exploded parts drawings, identification charts, specifications, and helpful service tips. Please contact us if you are not sure or you don't see what you are looking for.

Please contact your rep or call us for your pricing. 

Transmission - Eaton Auto Shift

Eaton Transmissions

Eaton Fuller is the most popular make of transmissions and TRT are your Eaton Fuller experts. We Maintain a range of new and factory remanufactured 13, 15, and 18-speed model Eaton Fuller transmissions that enables to get you back on the road faster. Download our exploded drawings to identify all the parts and components you need.

  • Autoshift
  • Manual

We always carry a large stock on new and TRT and factory remanned units. We also offer a service exchange programme for Eaton for remanned and new Eaton Fuller transmissions.

Note all remanufactured transmission only use genuine Eaton parts.

Eaton Transmissions

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Transmission - Allison Transmission

Allison Transmissions

Allison transmissions provide features and technology designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency in a variety of commercial vehicle applications. Allison transmissions are designed and built specifically to deliver superior results, even in the most challenging work conditions. 

Allison Transmission

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Transmission - ZF Transmission

ZF Transmission

We have ZF manual transmission for heavy trucks. Thanks to the Servoshift, gear changes with the fully synchronized Ecosplit (including up to 16 speeds) in the ZF manual transmissions are quiet, quick, and effortless. Moreover, it can be equipped with a secondary retarder and PTOs.

ZF Transmissions

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Transmission - Eaton Rebuild Bearing Kits

Eaton Fuller Transmission Rebuild Kits

We carry NZ's largest range of genuine Eaton transmission parts. We also have a range of Eaton Fuller transmission cost effective rebuild kits available that take the guesswork out of the required components for your next rebuild.

Rebuild kits are designed to fit a number of 18 speed 9 series transmissions.

  • Transmission rebuild kits
  • Eaton gasket kits

For expert help with your transmission call us now 07 849 4839 or contact us below and we will be in touch shortly