Top-Slewing Tower Crane

MCH 125

MCH 125



MCR225 working 2 adj

MCR225 working

The Potain top-slewing tower cranes  have a reputation for being easy to adapt to their working environments including: 

  • Elevated sites 
  • Crowded sites
  • Widely spread sites

The Potain top-slewing tower cranes also make it possible to hoist and distribute loads by using two technologies:

  • Horizontal displacement of the trolley (MCT, MCH and ranges) or
  • Movement by raising the jib (MR and MCR ranges).
MCH 125

MCH 125 - New Crane

Potain Center of Excellence expertise for the best crane performance

  • New Luffing Hydraulic System with exclusive new hydraulic cylinder
  • Power consumption lower  - requires a smaller generator helping  reduce operating costs
  • Complete luffing of the jib in 2 minutes 

MCT 88

The crane features minimal componentry, providing adaptability and easy installation on urban job sites. Bases, masts, counter-jib ballast blocks and telescoping cages interchangeable with other MCT models.

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MCH 125 PDF Download
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Potain Crane Control System (CCS)

Potain Crane Control System (CCS)

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