Built to Perform

Built to Perform

ZEPRO Tail Lifts

NZ's leading brand of quality truck tail lifts and backed by a parts and service network, NZ wide! ZEPRO truck tail lifts will keep you moving.



ZEPRO Tail Lifts - NZ's Most Popular Tail Lift!

When you are moving goods from A to B, time is critical. ZEPRO truck tail lifts are designed to help you deliver. ZEPRO quality tail lifts, original parts, and efficient local service keep vehicles easily loading, goods constantly flowing, and businesses working across NZ.

Small, Medium & Large Trucks

We offer a wide range of ZEPRO tail lift types, with small delivery truck options to heavy capacity tail lifts with size options ranging from 450kg to 3000kg, with a large number of lift types including cantilever, slider and column tail lifts. ZEPRO has a great backup and service network throughout New Zealand, with original parts and accessories to keep you moving.

ZEPRO Tail Lifts are available from ALL good Truck Body Builders.

Don't be convinced by cheap imported alternatives. Quality matters when your next delivery matters. When you choose ZEPRO you are choosing unrivalled durability, reliability, and an extensive service and parts network. When you own a ZEPRO tail lift you can expect quality and performance to keep you moving and delivering.


Zepro Service Agents

Find the Zepro Service Agent nearest you. We cover you NZ wide.

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