Potain Tower Cranes

Potain tower cranes by Manitowoc have both self-erecting and top-slewing options available with a full range of lift charts and features to make your next tower crane a Potain.

Manitowoc Crane Care

Supporting your tower crane


TRT are Potain Tower crane distributors for New Zealand and are specialists in their service and maintenance. The Potain tower crane range by Manitowoc is extensive and offers a wide range of solutions and include both self-erecting tower cranes and top slewing models, many can be seen lifting across the NZ skylines.  

The advantages of the Potain tower cranes are in their innovative technology and lifting capability, without compromising safety. The quality range of Potain self-erecting tower cranes includes both the IGO and Hup range, both have proven capability on New Zealand construction sites for both their flexibility and lift capacity. The offer and economic solution.

Potain has led the world in tower crane and self-erecting tower crane production since 1928. 

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