Drive Shafts and U-Joints

Driveshaft - External Clip

External Circlip U - Joint

Driveshaft - Mechanics Blocks

Mechanics Blocks

Driveshaft - End Yokes and Flanges 25W

Meritor 160

Driveshaft - Spicer Life


Driveshaft - Hanger Bearing

Hanger Bearing Assembly

Driveshaft - End Yokes and Flanges 6.5

Meritor 145 + 160

Driveshaft - Spicer Life

Spicer Drive Shaft

We have a wide range of parts and components available.

  • Driveshafts
  • U-Joints
  • End Yokes for both transmission and axle applications
  • Hanger Bearings
  • Torque Settings

Information on this page and the catalogue downloads below show part the range of TRT’s driveshafts and associated parts products. There are component breakdown drawings, identification charts, and installation advice. Please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for.

  • Same day/next day delivery available

Please contact your rep or call us for your pricing. 

Driveshaft - Spicer Life

Drive Shafts

Truck drive shafts will deteriorate over time and regular maintenance is important. We have a range of Spicer Life Series® Heavy-Duty Driveshafts for heavy-duty and high-efficiency trucks. Features include:

  • Increased torque
  • 40% improvement in calculated bearing capacity for greater durability
  • Exclusive sealing package for extended life
  • Factory filled with synthetic lube for longer-lasting U-joints
  • Delivers 70% more power density

As a factory authorised driveshaft repair specialist, we have repair options available, find out more.


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Driveshaft - External Clip


We stock a range of popular U-joints including:

  • External Clip
  • Meritor RPL
  • Spicer bearing plate and half round
  • Internal Clip

Download our free U-Joint identification chart to determine style and dimensions of the U-Joint. If you don't see the U-joint you need in the attached download, get in touch.

TRT Tip: Journal dimensions differ between U-joint manufacturers and are not always helpful in the identification of a universal joint.


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Driveshaft - End Yokes and Flanges 25W

End Yokes & Flanges

Our range of end yokes and flanges includes options for transmission applications and axle applications for a range of brands including:

  • Spicer
  • Meritor
  • Eaton
  • Eaton Fuller
  • ZF 

Only a part of the range available is shown.  If you can't find the yoke you are needing, please contact us.

End Yokes

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Driveshaft - Hanger Bearing

Hanger Bearings

Hanger Bearings

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Driveshaft - Spicer Life

Torque Settings

Torque Settings

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