Superlift Counterweight 


The TIDD PC28 has an optional 1.1t Superlift Counterweight adding up to 12% to lift charts!

When fitted to the base of the 2.3t roadable counterweight, the optional 1.1t Superlift counterweight simply and
effectively increases the capacity of the crane.

The Superlift counterweight allows you to lift up to 12% heavier loads in both pick and carry mode and on stationary charts.

Features include 

  • At 1.1t, it allows for transport on trucks under 3.5t with only a car licence
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Simple to use
  • Proximity sensor auto-sensed for safety
  • Operator-friendly loading system
  • Up to 12% increased capacity across TIDD PC28 charts

Fast and Easy Set Up - The fastest Superlift Counterweight setup in its class.


  1. Using the TIDD PC28, remove the 1.1t Superlift Counterweight from the delivery vehicle and place on level ground.
  2. Using the TIDD PC28, lift the 2.3t Counterweight from the front of the crane and lower onto the top surface of the Superlift Counterweight and pin into position.
  3. Turn the TIDD PC28 crane around and reverse up to
    the coupled Counterweights.
  4. Connect lifting chains, lift joined counterweights and
    pin to the back of the TIDD PC28.


 To see the loading and lifting of the TIDD PC28 with the new Superlift Counterweight please watch our latest Product Video.


Download the TIDD PC28 Superlift Counterweight Brochure