House Trailer Equipment

House relocation equipment designed to make your job easier and manufactured to our quality standard and built for the long haul!


We have been manufacturing and innovating house trailers for more than 30 years, and as a part of the industry knowledge we have gained working alongside house movers, we have been focused on solving problems for operators.  With our advanced hydraulic engineering capability, we have developed house moving equipment, working out a better, smarter way of helping with the safe removal and transport of structures.  

Our range of house moving equipment includes:

  • Hydraulic House Jacking System
  • Hydraulic 5th Wheel Slider
  • Mobile House Jacking System

We have a range of house trailers and options for electronic steering systems.



Jacking System

TRT Mobile House Jacking systems

With a self contained trailer system, the house jacks can be transported to site ahead of time to prepare the building for removal.

Complete with its own power pack, the jacks can be set up quickly without having to wait for other equipment to arrive. Hoses are packed away in a stowage bin at the rear of the trailer and up to 16 Jacks can be transported. The roller system built in to the trailer makes for safe, easy load/unload, the Jack barrows makes for safer deployment of jacks around the building.

  • Self contained trailer system
  • Haul to site with truck or utility
  • In deck rollers make easy work of load/unload
  • Integrated storage for hoses and equipment
  • Jack extensions for higher lift capabilities


tractor unit 001

5th Wheel Slider

TRT Hydraulic 5th Wheel Slider

TRT have designed a unique hydraulically operated sliding 5th wheel system. This is operated from the cab to push and/or pull both the trailer and truck.

Used where access is a problem or where steep and boggy sites restrict traction to both truck and trailer. Rather than driving the trailer out of a bad situation, the truck uses the slider to pull the trailer in towards the truck, then locks the trailer brakes and pushes the truck forward, and so on until the combination can be driven out.


Double Acting Hydraulic Jack set

Mobile House Jacking System

TRT Hydraulic House Jacking systems

Jacking Systems play an integral part of house relocation.

Site teams will prepare the building for shifting, raising it with the jacks ready for when the trailer arrives. At the other end the team will raise the building off the trailer quickly and the trailer can move off to its next move. Time on site is reduced resulting in higher productivity for the operator.

Single or Double acting systems are available. The Double acting system provides a safe and variable system where any jack can be lifted or lowed to suit the terrain and building shape.

Systems range from 6 -20 Jacks, with 12 and 16 being standard. Complete with Power pack and hose harness

  • Self contained power pack system
  • 4m standard lift at 4t SWL
  • Designed for safe lift or lower of building
  • Single or Double acting system 



If you have any queries about our house trailer & equipment options, call Glen on 07 849 4839 or send a message.