Potain Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

HUP40 30

Hup 40-30 a real advantage for NZ construction sites


Igo MA21 - Transport

IgoMA21 4 working adj

Igo MA21 - Working

Gallery Potain HUP 32

HUP 32-27

Gallery Potain HUP 32 27

HUP 32-27

Gallery Potain HUP 28 22

HUP 28-22

Easy, quick and completely autonomous, Potain self-erecting tower cranes are specifically designed for smaller construction sites that require frequent transport, setting up, erection and dismantling. These are very versatile in New Zealand's high-density residential construction sites in urban areas. Advantages include:

  • Small footprint
  • Advanced remote control capability
  • Quick set up
  • Easy transport

The tower crane range shown below includes the Hup and Igo ranges, popular for New Zeland construction conditions.

TRT also manufacture a crane trailer specifically designed for easy transport of the IGO. Find out more.

Hup 30 40 Auckland

HUP 40-30

  • Capacity: 2.2 t
  • Operating hook radius: 28 m
  • Tip capacity: 0.7 t - 0.85 t
  • Hook height per base: 19.6 m

Class-leading versatility and performance from a self-erecting crane with 40m jib. With these great features, the Hup 40-30 delivers outstanding returns for NZ urban construction operations.

  1. Movement technology enables unfolding in narrow and compact areas
  2. Unmatched remote control capabilities for on-site operator flexibility
  3. Smart set-up software for simple, fast erection

For full file downloads please visit the Manitowoc Website


  • Capacity: 1.8 t
  • Operating hook radius: 26 m
  • Tip capacity: 0.7m
  • Hook height per base: 3 m

Igo self-erecting cranes are compact, easy to erect and operate. Wireless remote controls, quiet and efficient electric motors, state-of-the-art variable frequency motor drives and overload protection systems are standard.

The IGO 21 provides long reach and excellent hook heights within a 3.6m x 3.6m footprint. An adjustable-spread chassis and three operational jib configurations add to the crane’s versatility.

Ask us about the TRT transport options available for your new IGO or see more here.

M3 Potain HUP 28 22

Hup M 28-22

  • Capacity: 4 t
  • Operating hook radius: 40 m
  • Tip capacity: 1 m
  • Hook height per base: 30 m

High performing, versatile and road ready, this crane is easy to set up and reaches places where others can't. The only self-erecting crane with 28 m jib in such a compact transport format. 

  • Maximum mobility for a self-erecting crane
  • A real tower crane productivity on site
  • Maintenance with remote diagnostic tool CraneSTAR Diag
  • The Smart Set-up advanced operating software
  • An environment friendly crane on the jobsite

For full file specifications and downloads please visit the Manitowoc Website.

M3 Potain HUP 32 27 v2

Hup 32-27

  • Capacity: 4 t
  • Operating hook radius: 32 m
  • Tip capacity: 1 t
  • Hook height per base: 27 m

The Hup 32-27’s class-leading compact package is ideal for both challenging job sites and easy transport. The smart set-up software for simplified crane erection makes folding and unfolding the crane simple and clear with step-by-step directions clearly visible on the control screen.

For full specifications and downloads please visit the Manitowoc Website. 

HUP 40-30 Product-Guide

Product guide



HUP 40-30 Flyer



Manitowoc Website

HUP 40-30 Brochure



Manitowoc Website

IGO 21 Product-Guide

Product guide



Hup M 28-22 Product Flyer




Hup 32-27 Product Flyer 




Please note that a number of the files are large PDF documents.  If you would like a copy of one of the brochures sent to you please contact the TRT crane team on 07 849 4839.

SMART SET UP - Potain HUP Cranes

See the simple and smart remote control set up for the HUP self-erecting cranes

For more information call Dean, from the crane team on 021 719 512 or get in contact below!