Potain Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

HUP40 30

Hup 40-30 a real advantage for NZ construction sites


Igo MA21 - Transport

IgoMA21 4 working adj

Igo MA21 - Working

Easy, quick and completely autonomous, Potain self-erecting tower cranes are specifically designed for smaller construction sites that require frequent transport, setting up, erection and dismantling. These are very versatile in New Zealand's high-density residential construction sites in urban areas. Advantages include:

  • Small footprint
  • Advanced remote control capability
  • Quick set up
  • Easy transport

The tower crane range shown below includes the Hup and Igo ranges, popular for New Zeland construction conditions.

TRT also manufacture a crane trailer specifically designed for easy transport of the IGO. Find out more.

Hup 30 40 Auckland

HUP 40-30

  • Capacity: 4 t
  • Operating hook radius: 40 m
  • Tip capacity: 1 m
  • Hook height per base: 30 m

Class-leading versatility and performance from a self-erecting crane with 40m jib. With these great features, the Hup 40-30 delivers outstanding returns for NZ urban construction operations.

  1. Movement technology enables unfolding in narrow and compact areas
  2. Unmatched remote control capabilities for on-site operator flexibility
  3. Smart set-up software for simple, fast erection

For full file downloads please visit the Manitowoc Website


  • Capacity: 1.8 t
  • Operating hook radius: 26 m
  • Tip capacity: 0.7m
  • Hook height per base: 3 m

Igo self-erecting cranes are compact, easy to erect and operate. Wireless remote controls, quiet and efficient electric motors, state-of-the-art variable frequency motor drives and overload protection systems are standard.

The IGO 21 provides long reach and excellent hook heights within a 3.6m x 3.6m footprint. An adjustable-spread chassis and three operational jib configurations add to the crane’s versatility.

Ask us about the TRT transport options available for your new IGO or see more here.

HUP 40-30 Product-Guide

Product guide



HUP 40-30 Flyer



Manitowoc Website

HUP 40-30 Brochure



Manitowoc Website

IGO 21 Product-Guide

Product guide



Please note that a number of the files are large PDF documents.  If you would like a copy of one of the brochures sent to you please contact the TRT crane team on 07 849 4839.

SMART SET UP - Potain HUP Cranes

See the simple and smart remote control set up for the HUP self-erecting cranes

For more information call Dean, from the crane team on 021 719 512 or get in contact below!