TIDD PC 28-2 Specifications

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Pick and Carry Crane

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Pick and Carry Crane

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Pick and Carry Crane

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Pick and Carry Crane

With a huge 28t lift capacity, the TIDD PC28-2 is the ultimate pick and carry crane for your operation. The TIDD PC28-2 has been designed and manufactured by TRT with a focus on safety and operator comfort.

  • Full power, 4 section telescopic boom
  • Slewing up to 44° for max manoeuvrability onsite
  • Small footprint to move and set up in tight spaces
  • 75% stationery chart and 66% pick and carry chart
  • Ability to road its own 2.3t counterweight
  • ROPS cabin for maximum driver safety
  • Slew Safe for maximum operation safety is recommended
  • New optional 1.1t Superlift Counterweight available

The TIDD PC28-2 Crane is manufactured under ISO 9001: 2015

For more detail or a copy of the TIDD PC28-2 lift charts send us a message or call 07 849 4839

M17 Full Power Boom

Full Power Boom

With the new 6.12-18.64m full power boom, a 75% stationary chart for the heavy lifts and 66% pick and carry chart, the TIDD PC28-2 packs a massive punch.

The high tensile steel, full power boom telescope Sections 1 and 2 are fully synchronised and provide hook compensation. The telescopic section 3 is independently operated with its own hydraulic cylinder.


M17 Lift Capacity

Huge Lift Capability

The TIDD PC28-2 delivers outstanding lifting capacities for improved efficiency and greater lift options, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

  • 28t on the fixed lug
  • 27.6t on the running rope
  • 25t pick and carry on the 2nd lug

Moving from the stationary chart to the pick and carry chart is as simple as turning off the hold brake. You can now lift more and
move more safely without compromise!

M17 Slew Safe

Focus on Safety

Safety is no accident. The TIDD PC28-2 is designed to provide outstanding performance while providing better operator safety both on the road and on the job site than seen in this class of crane. The safety features have been designed to maximise safety in consultation with industry!

Safety features include:

  • Robway LMI System
  • Dynamic LMI with a deadlock switch inside the cabin and LMI bridging switch outside the cabin.
  • ROPS (Rollover protection system) Cabin
  • Air suspension seats  for reduced operator fatigue
  • 3 point integrated safety belts
  • ABS braking system
  • Improved visibility with wide view top glass and optimised mirror placement
M17 Dynamic LMI

Dynamic Load Indicator

This serious safety feature is exclusive to TRT's TIDD Crane which allows safer operation on uneven job site surfaces than any other crane in its class!

  • Robway RCI8510 Dynamic Load Indicator with automatic cutouts and digital display.
  • A dash-mounted deadlock switch allowing a temporary increase to 110% RC only with reduced function speeds.
  • A key locked Bridging switch is mounted externally on the cab limiting access to authorised persons only.
M17 Drivetrain


Driveline features include:

  • Mercedes Benz OM906 six cylinder,6.4 litre, turbo charged, intercooled 205 kW diesel engine.
  • Allison World Series 3000 Auto Transmission matched to a
  • Meritor transfer case to optimise driveline angles.
  • Kessler high-speed planetary axles with diff lock on front axle

All regular servicing is undertaken from one side with safety rails standard.

M17 Operator Comfort

The Ultimate in Comfort

The cab features have been specifically designed to enhance capability and operator comfort over long hours, helping to reduce operator fatigue! Including:

  • Ergonomically designed forward mounted ROPS cabin (Patent No. 2012203625),
  • Double-door configuration
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • 150kg rated air suspension seats
  • 3-point integrated safety belts
  • Large dry storage area via the hinged cabin steps, ideal for storing soft slings.


TIDD PC28 2 Brochure 2022 8092022 LR

TIDD PC28 2 Series 310822

Traction Air + TIDD Flyer 2022

Super Lift Flyer August 2022

Slew Safe Brochure August 2022

TIDD PC28 Product Video

TIDD PC28 Product Video

TIDD PC28 Full Demo Video

TIDD PC28 Full Demo Video

TRT's latest crane, the TIDD PC28 is here!

TRT's latest crane, the TIDD PC28 is here!


We have an extensive support programme in place across NZ and Australia with agents and our own crane and service repair networks and a great warranty programme.

  • We offer recommended maintenance and service plans
  • We have a network of authorised repair facilities
  • We stock a full range of parts for service and repair.
  • As the OE manufacturer, we guarantee our workmanship


All service requirements should be carried out at an authorised TIDD Crane repair facility due to the technical aspects of the unit. We recommend standard daily and weekly maintenance checks are carried out and a 250-hour maintenance schedule is undertaken.

Contact us if you would like to know more about service and maintenance. 


As an OE manufacturer, we stock all TIDD Crane parts to support our authorised repair network across NZ and Australia.

We only use quality components in the manufacture of the TIDD Crane. These parts and components are also industry standard construction and crane machinery components to ensure the whole of life serviceability of the Crane, offering peace of mind along with all of the operating benefits when you purchase a TIDD Crane.


The TIDD crane has a standard warranty offering:

  • 12-month warranty on components
  • 5-year structural warranty

We have an easy to use warranty process, especially as you are able to deal directly with the manufacturer.

Contact us if you would like a copy of the TIDD Crane warranty.


To find out how the TIDD PC28-2 can work for your operation, give us a call or contact us below.