KOBELCO Crawler Cranes

Get the job done with KOBELCO Lattice Boom and Heavy Duty Crawlers to Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes with Full Backup Service and Parts NZ Wide!

Lattice Boom Crawlers

Extensive Range of Hydraulic Crawler Cranes with full parts and service backup.

Heavy Duty Crawlers

Base Machines for Foundation Work and Civil Engineering.

Telescopic Boom Crawler

Leading Innovation and Reliability, with Local Experts for Parts and Service Backup.

Parts & Service

Existing Crawler or New, Expert Technicians, Parts, Repair and Service Back-Up - NZ Wide.

Crane Trailers

Specialised Crane Carriers and Counterweight Trailers to Ancilliary Equipment. Save Set Up Time.

Kobelco Sustainability

Kobelco design solutions to meet the environmental requirements of next generation cranes.

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About KOBELCO Crawler Cranes

Kobelco offers a range of lattice boom crawler cranes, telescopic boom crawler cranes, heavy-duty base crawler cranes specifically designed for foundation work and civil construction. Kobelco cranes have a big reputation for uptime and reliability. And with TRT as the distributor for the region, we have extensive knowledge backup service and support to keep you operating.

There are over 22 crawler crane models available across the Kobelco range.

KOBELCO has been manufacturing equipment since the 1930's.  For over 80 years they have been leading innovation and design across the industry.

Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes

Kobelco continues to lead the way in its lattice boom crawler design. Economic and efficient crane setup and breakdown for transport have been a focus more recently, these features, like the nested boom and improve overall safety and can also mean cost savings in both transport and storage.

It is equipped with functions to conserve energy and reduce fuel consumption, with better visibility and mobility for the operator.

Telescopic Boom Crawlers

Offer outstanding performance in tough conditions on a construction site. With all the conventional features like a robust structure, outstanding operability, and high lifting capability, it also satisfies the industry expectations and has a transportation width of less than 3m.

Heavy-duty Base Crawlers

These cranes are specifically engineered for high cycle foundation applications. These cranes feature a high output engine, powerfull line and pull winches, dual hydraulic flow circuit for super-accurate synchronisation of the winches and smooth precise controls. Options also include K-Crass remote monitoring technology.

Applications include:

  • Pile Hammer & Pile Driver
  • Vibrating Hammer
  • Earth Drill
  • Clamshell
  • Casing Oscillator

Choose Kobelco First!

There are many reasons to consider a Kobelco Crawler Crane as a part of your fleet. 

  • Continuous innovation in technology
  • Reputation for reliability and low downtime
  • Operator orientated designs 
  • Great Service and Parts Back Up
  • Best warranties available for Crawlers
  • Low fuel consumption
  • State of the Art manufacturing for fast delivery
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Remote monitoring systems


Kobelco Product Guide

This product guidebook outlines the full crawler crane range from Kobelco. Multi-purpose crawler cranes that are easy on the environment while delivering masterful transport performance.

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KCROSS Remote Monitoring System

KOBELCO's latest remote monitoring technology KCROSS use satellite communication and the internet to relay data. You will be able to monitor cranes no matter where they are operating.

  • Manage safety 
  • Working conditions at the location
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Better overall asset management

You will have access to the crane's operating data, such as operating hours, location, fuel consumption, and maintenance status from anywhere.

For expert advice and more information about the crane models available call us 07 849 4839 or contact us below.