Trailer Selector

TRT has developed this simple and easy to use trailer selector table. All you need to know is the estimated size of the payloads to determine the best trailer for your operation.


We have developed this simple and easy to use trailer selector table. All you need to know is the estimated size of the payloads (even future payloads). This trailer selector is designed to give you an indication of what type of trailer/low loader can work for your operation. There are plenty of options and variables that can change requirements and payloads so our expert team is here to help you. 

The trailer selector is designed as a guideline only. We will work with you to determine the detailed requirements, available options, and your application to give you a detailed quote.

If you are still unsure of the right option, we are here to help.



New Zealand Low Loaders

Once you have found an option or options that match your payloads, get in touch and we can work through detailed requirements, specifications and a quote with you. If you are still unsure of what you need, no problem, we are here to help.

The table shows recommendations for NZand the VAI requirements from NZTA.  Refer to the Australian Table Selector for recommendations in Australia Options, features, specifications, and drawings are available from the links on the right-hand column.

  • Payload A is 1.2 VAI Permit (based on axle reference x 1.2)
  • Payload B is 1.3 VAI Permit (based on axle reference x 1.3)


Payload A 1.2 VAI (t) Payload B 1.3 VAI (t) Recommended Trailer
30 N/A 3x4 Tri Axle Low Loader
33 N/A 2x8 Low Loader
35  40 Quad 4x4 Low Loader
42 47.5  3x8 Low Loader
49 56  Quad 4x4 Low Loader with 2x4 Dolly
52 59  4x8 Low Loader
60 69 3x8 Low Loader with 2x8 Dolly OR
5x8 Low Loader
65 74  6x8 Platform Trailer - Multiline & Modular Option 
72 81 4x8 Low Loader with 2x8 Dolly
81 91  5x8 Low Loader with 2x8 Dolly OR 
7x8 Platform Multiline & Modular Option
85 96 6x8 Platform Multiline OR Modular with 2x8 Dolly
  1. Weights shown are rounded to the nearest tonne and based on a 10t tractor unit.
  2. The calculation includes the standard option TRT trailer weight.
  3. Additional features required, like double fold ramps, will affect the payload allowance. 


For Australia: Refer to the Australian Table Selector on TRT Australia's website for low loader recommendations - based on different dimensions and tolerances.


Not sure which trailer is the best for your payloads? Our experts can help! Give Glen a call on 07 849 4839 or get in touch below.