Design and Engineering

Our design team at TRT focus on delivering our customers fit for purpose solutions with a real return for the whole of life.


TRT provide solutions from concept, with a focus on delivering our customers fit for purpose solutions that suit the business, the operation, and future opportunities. This starts with our team understanding your business before we even start the design process.

TRT have a team of 7 highly skilled and experienced engineering designers in-house which are a part of our integrated manufacturing process.

Our design team thrive on the challenge to improve a product or a process; find a way to enhance the functionality of a truck, trailer or crane; and a solution to make your vehicle move faster, to minimise tare weight, to become more efficient and as a result more economical.


M3 design office photo1 v2

Getting it right up front

We focus on solving problems.  We make sure we understand the business, the payloads into the future. Our initial consultation is extensive; this means that when a customer comes to us with an idea of what they need, they will often end up with a manufactured solution that is different from the original idea, and a better fit for purpose. 

M17 Fit for purpose

Fit for purpose

Design at TRT is a collaboration between your team and ours. We involve you in the process and the planning.  If you already have specifications and drawings, no problem. We will review them and make sure they are fit for purpose.

We will not fit you to a standard solution if it is not right. However, if a standard design works, then you will have peace of mind that you will have a quality, compliant, cost effective product…for the long haul.

Design Capability

The design team deliver design engineering services using state of the art technology from the latest solid works 3D modeling programmes to AutoCAD and 3D printing.

These are specialist capabilities that will ensure your solution is compliant, meets relevant regulations, is tested and capable before it is manufactured.  Team capabilities include;

  • Qualified and experienced engineers and designers
  • Engineering certifications
  • Hydraulic design and engineering specialists
  • Transport regulations applied to designs
  • Compliance approval testing and documentation for heavy vehicle certification, NZ and Australia
  • Prototyping and proof of loading
  • Type testing
  • Sourcing of quality, fit for purpose components from around the world

We have a number of projects that show our capability. Check them out.

M1 Design Capability A
M1 Design Capability B v3


Design Collaboration

Design engineering is a process that includes our customers. It ensure our products are accurate, tested and fit for purpose. The diagram below shows the process we use for many of our projects including special builds and defence projects.

Start with a design that works for you from the outset! Talk with our team about your idea, and we will make it happen.