COF and Compliance Services

No truck, trailer, bus, motor home leaves us if it's not roadworthy!


You must have a current COF (Certificate of Fitness), these can take time to organise and this can keep your vehicle off the road longer than it needs to be. 

TRT can remove this extra hassle for you and manage the COF process for your fleet or your truck.

We will make all of the pre COF inspection checks before taking your truck, heavy trailer, bus or motor home to the nearest testing station for inspection. This includes:

  • Signs of rust or structural issues
  • Steering and suspension
  • Towing connection and any load restraints for wear
  • Lights and bulbs

Your heavy transport equipment has a lot of wear so it's important to be checked and regularly serviced to maintain a COF.  We will let you know when your next COF is required so you can manage this easily with our help.

For more information about COF requirements check out the latest from Transport NZ


 Remember - You need your next COF before the expiry date on the label

Book your COF pre-inspection check with us now!