East Coast Axle Widening Quad

20 December 2011

A new TRT Quad Axle Widening Low loader is a welcome addition to the CR Taylor Ltd fleet in Gisborne.

Dave Taylor, owner of CR Taylor Ltd, having dealt with TRT for a number of years, requested them to design and build a trailer that was both versatile and manoeuvrable to suit the range of machines being transported and road conditions of the East Cape.

The Quad has a spaced group of axles to give maximum load capacity. This means that under permit the Quad axle group is calculated as 2 trailer groups rather than 1 Quad group with conventional spaced axles as seen on a standard built Quad. This provides an extra 4tonne under permit, allowing the trailer to carry loads approaching the capacity of its 3x8 bigger brother.

The Quad is fitted with 17.5 BPW axles, with the rear a BPW LL series self-steering axle for manoeuvrability. The steer axle works in castor mode and is locked automatically when reversing. A two stage double acting steering tie rod widens the axle to suit the deck width. The trailers deck widens on its axles from 2.5m closed out to 3.5m open, with three intermediate positions available. The main deck length is 10.5m with provision for a 20' container at 2.5m wide. On TIDD hydraulic suspension; axles are able to be lifted individually which helps the operator when servicing or changing tyres. Axles can also be lifted so that the trailer can be turned in a tight area when empty.

The trailer's other features are the demountable Winch and spare wheel carrier frame, which is secured to the top deck with pockets and pins to assist easy removal. Conveyor belt has been fitted to the main deck. It is surprisingly hard wearing and usually out lasts timber. The trailer looks sharp in the company's 'RED' and polished alloys. 

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