Lucky Thirteen

6 December 2011


Part of an order for thirteen TRT Quad Axle Widening Low Loaders, Australian 'rental giant', Sherrin Rentals, of Brisbane has taken delivery of their Sixth Low loader this year. These Quad trailers have been designed to meet Sherrin Rentals request to carry no more than 46tonne in combination with a 2x4 TRT Dolly and still fit within the 19m rule without the Dolly coupled. The trailer therefore has a shorter than normal deck length at 10.6m, and widens from 2.5m out to 3.5m. The hydraulic widening trailer is pinned in a number of positions to suit the width of the load.

Fitted with BPW 17.5 axles on TIDD Hydraulic suspension, each axle group is able to be lifted independently. This means that jacks are not required when servicing or changing tyres, and also makes manoeuvring on tight sites easier. The gooseneck has been shaped so that machinery can be loaded much further forward than on other makes. Load restraints in both deck and coaming rail allow plenty of options to secure the variety of machinery when positioned on the deck. Conveyor belt deck covering is fitted as all types of machinery are transported, from rollers to track machines, and this material survives the wear and tear better than timber. Heavy duty hydraulic single fold ramps are fitted to the newly designed bumper and hinge arrangement. With a larger surface area to close up onto, the ramps put less stress on the pin and hinge area with lower maintenance costs.

TRT Low loaders feature deeper coaming rails than other makes. Pressed returns at the bottom of the rails, allow a TRT Low Loaders to be fully loaded with minimal deflection in the deck. All trailers have a pre-set camber of up to 30mm depending on the size of the trailer. The Sherrin Group have bought over 30 TRT Trailers over the years underlining the long and successful business relationship that exists between both companies.

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