TRT’s outrigger pads build an Empire

8 March 2024
Empire 1

Empire Cranes continues to increase its offering to the crane industry with the introduction of crane outrigger pads. The outrigger pads are designed, engineered and manufactured by TRT. Empire Cranes Director, Jarrod Belsey explains more.

“As a dry hire crane company, we are constantly examining ways to provide our crane customers with the most comprehensive package of products we can. We are constantly adding new cranes to our fleet, but we were getting increasingly asked about crane outrigger pads. Customers were finding it difficult to find the right quality of pads and when they did, they were not typically for hire.

“Most crane companies have their sets for specific cranes, but they don’t have additional sets for those ground conditions that need more protection. We thought there was a gap in the market there for us and we chose TRT because we could see they are a leading designer and manufacturer of outrigger pads,” said Jarrod.

TRT Crane Outrigger Pads are made for industry, engineered fit for purpose and designed to last. They are manufactured from the ground up at TRT’s head office and manufacturing facility in Hamilton New Zealand. 

Built using high tensile Hardox ™ steel for maximum strength and in a honeycomb design to minimise tare weight and deflection, TRT’s unique crane pad design also helps to minimise deflection and protect onsite underground services from damage. They can span trenches and manhole covers without compromising ground stability. 

Finish crane outrigger pads for Empire Cranes

TRT’s Crane Outrigger pads are ideal for use with a wide range of cranes and site conditions. TRT’s range of standard crane pad sizes suit most cranes and most applications. For specialist projects and fit-for-purpose solutions, TRT will even manufacture to specification.

TRT’s Crane Outrigger Pads are available in a variety of standard sizes to suit most applications. All crane pads are supplied in a set of four. These sizes have been carefully configured based on industry requirements, for most cranes, setups, and applications. 

TRT Crane outrigger pads ensure a crane is supported safely for all ground conditions.

The non-slip surface and angled sides are designed to make the pads safer on a job site. The outrigger pads angled sides are designed to prevent tyre damage to other vehicles, especially in smaller work areas. TRT’s Crane Outrigger Pads are easily deployed on any job site, and they are being used on construction and lift sites throughout New Zealand and Australia. Transporting, lifting, and moving is no problem. TRT Crane Outrigger Pads come with trunnions as a standard lifting and transport attachment unless otherwise specified. TRT also offers a range of crane equipment trailers that can easily transport these crane pads.

“TRT’s Crane Outrigger Pads are great quality, they have a unique design with built-in trunnions which makes them very easy to load onto and off trucks, they’re lightweight but they are very durable,” said Jarrod.

Empire Cranes has taken delivery of the mid-range pads offered by TRT. The range starts with pads measuring 1.2m wide and 1.2m long and weighing 257kg through to the largest in the range which measures 5.97m wide, 2.4m long and weighing 4,127kg.

Jarrod elaborates on why Empire Cranes chose TRT’s Crane Outrigger Pads.

Finished crane outrigger pads for Empire Cranes

“I’ve been working closely with Troy Hand at TRT for a while now and he and the rest of the team are very easy to deal with,” he said.

TRT is a great company to deal with, and Troy and the team always follow through on what they say they are going to do. You then factor in the quality of the design and engineering and how well manufactured the product is, and you realise their offering is simply too good to pass up,” he said.

“Empire Cranes is committed to our Crane Outrigger Pad strategy, we already have sets in Melbourne and Brisbane and we’re going to have multiple sets of each of their sizes available in due course. We want the market to know we are here to support all crane companies and our ongoing investment in TRT Crane Outrigger Pads demonstrates this commitment.”

“We are happy to hire them on short-term and long-term projects, anything from as little as one week to one year. We have a network of trucks supporting our cranes, so we can deliver the pads quickly to an interested crane company anywhere in Australia,” said Jarrod.

If you are looking for a quote you can email the TRT Sales Team at or alternatively call Jeremy Carden at +64 2735 40329.