Zepro Tail Lifts Revolutionising Transport in New Zealand

8 March 2024
Zepro 1

By NZ Trucking Magazine 

A brand demonstrates its success when customers remain loyal, choosing to use its products exclusively for certain aspects of their business. The testament to this success becomes even more powerful when the product’s dependability is so high that the necessity for backup services is practically eliminated. That’s what can be said of the Zepro brand of tail lifts, distributed by TRT, which has established itself as a reliable and essential component for the New Zealand transport industry. 

Gavin Halley, general manager sales at TRT, says: “The product complements everything else that we do and has seamlessly integrated into our suite of products. It is a bolt-on attachment to vehicles, and also enhances our hydraulic programme, providing us with a more robust presence in the bodybuilding sector.”

TRT is a privately owned family business, specialising in designing, manufacturing, selling and delivering products and services within Australasia’s road transport and construction industries.

With 14 territory managers across Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch, TRT provides comprehensive support and service to its customers throughout New Zealand.

TRT offers a wide range of Zepro truck tail lifts for small, medium and large trucks.

It offers three main models: the Z-15/Z-20 with 1500kg or 2000kg capacity, the Z-100 with 1000kg capacity, and the ZL-75 with 750kg capacity.

Reliability is key

Zepro Tail Lift in operationReliability in New Zealand’s rugged conditions is one of the standout features of Zepro tail lifts.

“It’s incredibly reliable, and it gives very few issues. Quality is never compromised with this product, making it a well-known and trusted brand in the industry,” Gavin says.

This reliability has made Zepro tail lifts a preferred choice for many in the transport sector, as they are proven to withstand the demanding conditions of New Zealand’s diverse terrain.

The team at A.J. Tutill & Sons couldn’t speak more highly of the Zepro product, using the brand exclusively for its tail lift operations.

The Auckland-based company is primarily engaged in handling general freight, with a significant portion involving palletised work.

“About a quarter of our work involves tail lifts, and that’s where the Zepros come in handy. The tail lifts play a crucial role in our day-to-day operations,” says GM Jack Tutill.

A.J. Tutill’s journey with the Zepro brand began in 1998, marking the start of a lasting relationship.

“We’ve been diehard Zepro fans ever since,” says Jack. He says the reliability of the Zepro product is a key factor in why the business has remained loyal to the brand.

“Zepro is an integral part of our fleet. They perform well and are absolutely reliable. We have over a dozen Zepro tail lifts, and we might get one or two breakdowns a year. They’re just bulletproof,” he says.

Zepro Tail Lift closingA.J. Tutill & Sons currently operates 13 Zepro tail lifts, primarily utilising 2.5m alloy platforms.

“They’re effectively the biggest tail lift and lightest you can get on the market,” Jack says. “The tailored fleet, including steel and smaller variants, perfectly aligns with our business needs, especially when delivering a few pallets at a time.”

Acknowledging the critical role of backup service, Jack commends TRT for its prompt and reliable support.

“But to be honest, the Zepro brand is so reliable, and we have barely any issues, so we don’t really need TRT to ever come out and fix the Zepros,” he says.

“But on the rare occasion we do, they are great to deal with, and any breakdowns are swiftly addressed, which helps us keep to our own commitment of minimising downtime.”

Building up the Brand

While Zepro’s presence has been steadily increasing, Gavin acknowledges there’s more work to be done in the New Zealand market.

Image not found“Product awareness and installation are on the rise, but we still have room to grow our market share,” he says. “We have significantly enhanced our stock holding in the past two years and developed the product range to effectively cover a wide spectrum, from 750kg to two tons, catering to various box bodies in the New Zealand market.”

Gavin highlights the collaborative approach taken to identify gaps in the market, working directly with the factory in Sweden. The result is an enhanced competitiveness and improved efficiency in inventory management. “We now have inventory at all three sites, ensuring that our territory managers can provide extensive support across the country,” Gavin says.

TRT Growth in New Zealand

As for TRT, the company has experienced sustained growth over the past two years, especially in the manufacturing sector.

Its significant growth in Australia is contributing to initiatives within New Zealand, ensuring that TRT remains at the forefront of the transport and truck equipment industry.

“We are planning for further growth and expansion,” Gavin says.

“We are providing end-to-end solutions for our customers, just as we have been for the past 56 years.”