Innovative Custom Solution: TRT Delivers Unique B-Train Design to Universal Cranes

18 March 2024
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It’s always a pleasure to deliver to Universal Cranes New Zealand formerly known as Auckland and Waikato Cranes. TRT has a longstanding history with the Smith Bridge Group (Universal Cranes in Australia & NZ) and it’s great to continue working together. 


In December last year, TRT New Zealand's Trailer Sales representative, Jeremy Carden delivered Universal Crane's brand new fit-for-purpose B-train, designed specifically to support a Liebherr LTM1230 5.1 Mobile Crane.


This fit-for-purpose customised solution was a brand-new concept from TRT. The B-train, also known as a B-double in Australia, features a unique design. Lead A-unit consists of a fairly standard 3-axle counterweight slab unit capable of carrying 22 tonnes of counterweight while the B-unit is a newly designed 2-axle drop-deck unit that intends to carry a 2.8-tonne forklift, custom TRT Crane Pads with forklift pockets on all 4 sides of each pad and approximately 40 dunnage (wood) blocks, measuring approximately 1200-1500mm in length. Also carries the cranes 3-sheave and 1-sheave hook blocks in special recesses built into the chassis of this unique Bogey drop deck unit. Along with a gear tray nestled under the TRT 035-DP crane pads.

Universal Crane's brand new fit-for-purpose B-train


This 8-axle combination is in the process by NZTA and is based on a proforma of dimensional requirements that were put forward by the customer with the assistance of TSL.


TRT and Universal Cranes have collaborated to meticulously design this operator-friendly B-train, aiming to minimise personnel requirements while maximising payload capacity and transportation efficiency.


Universal Cranes holds a strong reputation for providing secure and highly efficient solutions for all lifting and shifting needs. With locations in Auckland and Hamilton, they offer comprehensive mobile crane rental services, serving diverse industries and businesses.


Universal Cranes’ Transport Manager, Leo Lemmen says, “Our relationship with TRT is longstanding, and working with Jeremy, Bruce, and Glen was very smooth. Leveraging TRT's extensive experience in the crane industry, particularly their understanding of counterweight trailers, facilitated a smooth approach to discuss the trailer design that I had prepared. After a collective discussion about the trailer design, we came up with this counterweight trailer perfectly designed to fit our business requirements.”



“TRT’s commitment to prioritising customer and operator needs shows their continuous efforts to enhance trailer functionality based on valuable feedback. Our operators have positive feedback and find the new counterweight trailer key in simplifying and streamlining their tasks, enhancing overall job efficiency.”


“This custom B-train complements Universal Cranes business strategy of minimising cost overheads, reducing carbon emissions, and capitalising on transport efficiency.”


Jeremy Carden says, “It has been a pleasure to work with Leo throughout this project, from delivery of the custom TRT 035-DP Crane PADS back in May 2023 to the final trailer outcome last December. Working alongside an individual from a great company who knows what their transport solution needs to look like and how we at TRT can make that possible.”


Huge congratulations to Universal Cranes on your new TRT B Train, and heartfelt thanks for your ongoing support. 



If you're interested in a quote or would like to chat with someone regarding our TRT Trailers, you can contact Jeremy Carden at +64273540329 or email