TRT Announces New Customer Centric Structure

18 March 2022
Gavin Halley

TRT (Tidd Ross Todd Limited) is pleased to announce changes within the management structure designed to streamline customer support and to strengthen their ability to out serve customers in New Zealand and Australia.

TRT Director, Bruce Carden confirms, “We want a clear, cohesive, aligned customer-centric structure to provide better support for our growing customer base and a greater level of focus to out serve our customers, and this is what we have put in place.”

“This new structure has been designed to help us achieve our focus, solving problems for our customers. It is at the core of everything we do. We want to give clarity and commitment to our customers by streamlining customer support and providing all customers with access to end-to-end solutions.”

TRT’s new roles are:

General Manager (GM) of Sales Parts and Service.

National Crane Sales Manager.

GM of Sales for Capital Whole Goods.

Gavin Halley, GM of Sales Parts and Service, will be responsible for managing Mechanical Service, Parts, and now Crane Service and Parts. This aligns all parts and service functions cooperatively. These three teams already share many of the same objectives and work together closely on a day-to-day basis. Halley confirms, “This is an extension to focus on what’s best for our customers.”

Halley has worked at TRT for 25 years, starting as a Warehouse Store Person, and holding down several positions from Inventory Management, Customer Service, Sales Consultant, Customer Services Manager, National Sales Manager, to now being promoted into his current position as GM of Sales Parts and Service.

Halley explains, “I am very excited to be appointed into this new role. TRT was created by the innovative thinking and intuition of its founders, the Carden family, and has grown into what it is today. This is thanks to the dedication and commitment of many. When I joined the business, we had three parts staff and now we have 45.”

“Developing people and bringing them through a growing business is what I enjoy most about working at TRT. All business units have come out of the back end relatively strong after two difficult years with COVID. I look forward to influencing decisions at the sharp end and solidifying our plans for future development by actively aligning our customer focus.”

Dean Mcllroy has been appointed the role of National Crane Sales Manager. Mcllroy will be responsible for leading TRT’s crane sales in New Zealand, now including Hiab equipment. Mcllroy’s appointment will connect all Hiab requirements together including the supply of the units, fabrication, and delivery of ongoing parts for their growing network of Hiab customers.

This role will be supported closely by the appointment of Hillary Naish in the new role, GM of Sales for Capital Whole Goods. Naish will have leading responsibility for the front-line focus on capital whole good sales. This includes TRT’s full range of cranes and other OEM manufactured products, including heavy haulage trailers, ESS platform trailers, crane trailers, and the TIDD Pick and Carry Crane.

Mcllroy and Naish have considerable experience in heavy equipment and their appointments confirm TRT’s long-term commitment to the heavy haulage and lifting industry. Combined with Halley’s extensive experience in transport parts, positions the company to provide a greater level of focus to out serve their customers in the transport sector.

(Pictured - Gavin Halley, General Manager of Sales Parts and Service.)

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