End to End Engineering Solutions

6 August 2020
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TRT is well known for the quality of its design and build trailers, bespoke engineering projects and smart innovative solutions, but what you may not know is that TRT also has a manufacturing philosophy that focuses on in-house delivery of all aspects of a build.

This philosophy also extends to our transport engineering, truck fit-out, fabrication and repair services across the transport industry. TRT has bumper to bumper solutions and fully integrated, in-house capabilities that deliver cost-effective solutions from single operators to large fleets. This is a result of 53 years of industry knowledge and a dedicated experienced design fabrication and repair specialists.

Our range of services allows an operator to bring a vehicle to TRT knowing that the serious VOR requirements can be turned around quickly and in one place or a new truck fitout expertly completed by one team. This ensures the quality of all of the fitout requirements, from the 5th wheels and guards to chassis and hydraulics.

Engineering Fabrication & Repair Services

  • New OEM Truck Fit-Outs
  • Chassis Repair, Lengthening and Shortening
  • Truck Deck Fabrication and Repair, New or Exchange
  • Tow Eye, Ball Race Draw Beam and Draw Bar Fabrication and Repair
  • Service Exchange for Steer Axles and Calipers
  • Drive Shaft modifications
  • Steer Axle and King Pin Replacements
  • HIAB and Knuckle Boom Crane Installation, Fitout and Repair
  • Axle Service and Repair
  • Rust Repairs
  • Aluminium Body Repair
  • Certification Services

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