Colac Mobile Cranes Welcome Home Their New TIDD PC28-2

11 July 2023
Colac Hero

JDM Diesel Services, an authorised TRT TIDD Crane Dealer and service agent based in Victoria, Australia, completed the sale of a TIDD PC28-2 to Colac Mobile Cranes, a reputable crane hire company situated in Colac West, Victoria. Colac Mobile Cranes specialises in a diverse range of crane services such as rigging, dogging, heavy-duty lifting, and panel erection.

The TIDD PC28-2 crane brings substantial value to Colac Mobile Cranes' current fleet and prioritises safety and performance. Standard on all TIDD Cranes is the exclusive Slew Safe system specifically designed to prevent rollovers. The TIDD Crane is Australia’s only pick-and-carry crane with this level of safety.

With its European standard automotive finish, the TIDD PC28-2 crane sets a new standard by offering the shortest forward projection in its class. Additionally, it boasts an impressive turning radius of 44° on both sides of the center.

Whether it's construction, civil projects, mining, or infrastructure, the versatile TIDD PC28-2 crane proves to be an ideal choice for various operating environments.

To download TRT's TIDD price guide or request a quote, visit their website: