Don't wait for your next COF!

Replace your BVL safety belt now with Certified APVS safety belts from TRT.

We are here to help keep you on the road.  TRT are agents for APVS seatbelts and we have stock available now for your certified replacement belt. 


You can trust APVS Certification!

This product has a rigorous quality regime with all products Certified by BSI including annual audits of the factory and daily ongoing conformance of Production testing. SAI Global audit the APVS ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System and all processes and procedures.


The most common replacement is a standard pillar mount (90/90). APVS have a certified replacement and TRT have this in stock.

These APVS seat belts are able to be retrofitted by TRT at our service centers in Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch or you can use your normal service repairer for the installation. 


Checking Your Belt

Use this opportunity to conduct a safety check of your vehicle safety belts. APVS has a checklist for you to use so that you know what to look for even if you don't have a BVL safety belt in your vehicle. 


Safety Alert

Effective immediately - NZTA is advising all drivers that if BVL/Changzhou BWD seatbelts are fitted that they do not use their vehicle until replacements are fitted.

How to identify a faulty seat belt - BVL How to identify a faulty seat belt - BWD

The markings on the BVL/Changzhou BWD seatbelts indicate certification to a European standard but testing by NZTA has found them to be non-compliant.  

If these belts are fitted in the driver‘s seat, NZTA advises you not to use the vehicle until replacements are fitted. If fitted in other seating positions, NZTA advises you not to allow passengers to use those seats. The failures and even low-speed impacts are significant. Don't put yourself or others at risk.

A product recall is expected shortly. 


Who is affected?

These BVL safety belts are used for retrofitting into vehicles including trucks, motorhomes, buses, and vans – including some purchased new at New Zealand agents. They are also commonly used to replace original equipment belts if belts have been damaged or fail a WOF or COF.

Vehicle inspectors have been instructed to fail a vehicle for its WoF or CoF inspection if these seatbelts are identified in your vehicle. 

Check your vehicle and determine if your three-point seatbelts have labels that say BVL and Changzhou BWD as shown in the pictures above and in the attached information from NZTA. 

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For advice on your belt replacement contact our seats team directly on 07 849 4839 or send us a message.