Rows of 4 Low Loaders

From the Tri Axle to our popular Quads, we are known for innovation in low loader trailer design and have a range of options to suit your heavy equipment payloads.

Tri-Axle Low Loader 3x4

Ideal for heavy equipment with payloads around 30t or 40t with dolly.

Quad Axle 4x4

Most popular option for heavy equipment - up to 50t or 65t with dolly.

Dolly 2x4 Options

Increase the payload of your low loader with TRT's dolly options

Trailer Selector

Not sure which low loader? Use our payload table for our recommended solution - it's a great starting point!


Rows of 4

Our 4 axle trailer options are ideal for a range of plant and equipment payloads up to 67 tonnes with a dolly. As with all low loaders built by TRT, our rows of 4 are fabricated from Grade 80 high tensile steel for strength, yet minimising the tare weight without compromising the capability.

With deep chassis, coaming rail and hydraulic suspension, and other innovative design features from TRT, we manufacture these trailers for the long haul.


Quad Axle 4x4

The Quad Axle (4x4) is our most popular trailer option. It's designed with a range of models and features and a number of options to suit all requirements. We have a range of drawings and specifications for each of the models.

Models include:

  • Axle Widening
  • Fixed Width with Rear Steer
  • Mid Tipping Deck
  • Deck Widener with 2 Rear Steer



Tri Axle 3x4

The Tri-Axle (3x4) is designed for payloads up to 30t (NZ). There are a wide number of models that offer a future-proof option for your operation. 

Models include:

  • Axle widening
  • Deck widening
  • Widening with 1 rear steer
  • Extendable length
  • Fixed width
  • Mid tipping deck

If you are looking for a low loader that works for your operation, give us a call or send us a message.