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Backed by our 3 year/500,000 Km warranty, TractionAir® is the safer and smarter CTI System for your fleet, delivering true value for your operation.

Traction Air® System

NZ's leading central tyre Inflation system


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TRT manufacture and install Traction Air®, Australasia's leading central tyre inflation system (CTI).  This CTI system has been designed with features to make your on and off-highway vehicle operations safer and more efficient with full monitoring of truck tyre pressure.

Traction Air® is used in a number of applications from New Zealand and Australia to more remote countries like Papua New Guinea and Laos. The expert CTI team at TRT, or one of its agents, installs systems in all of these locations.

On and off-highway vehicle operations that regularly use Traction Air® includes forestry haulage, construction and equipment transport, agriculture, tractors, stock trucks and spreading, tanker operations, access equipment and much more. Ideal for both tractor and trailer units, tyre pressure monitoring has never been easier. 



3 year / 500,000 km Warranty 

Traction Air is backed by 20 years of innovation and a 3 year / 500,000km warranty. We stand behind what we do.  The focus on continuous improvement and industry feedback is ­a key to meeting the changing demands and conditions of transport businesses. This has lead TRT to develop a CTI system, loaded with features and functions that will help your operation every day. 

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"They have listened to us as a client when we have requested product improvements and they have stood by those improvements."

Alfons Reitsma - McCarthy Transport

Why do you need a Central Tyre Inflation System?

Improved Operator Safety

Moving from a surface that needs the reduced PSI to a sealed road or highway can cause tyre damage. If a driver misses changing the tyre pressure it will cause significant tyre wear. If low PSI results in a tyre blowout, it could result in a more serious accident and involve other road users. This risk is mitigated with Traction Air as the tyre pressure automatically adjusts through an integrated GPS receiver to ground speed – a key safety feature that also saves cost through better management of tyre wear.


The correct pressure setting for an 11R 22.5 tyre at 100kph is when the sidewall is deflected by 12% of its unloaded height. At 10kph, that sidewall deflection can be increased to 30%, which will double the tyre footprint and halve ground pressure.  If you are able to maintain the correct tyre sidewall deflection ratios, you will get huge traction advantages including reduced wheel slip and reduced vibration. By managing the vibration you will be able to achieve the greatest cost savings while helping to reduce overall operator fatigue. The Traction Air automated tyre pressure monitoring system can drive these efficiencies across your fleet.

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