Vamp Cranes’ TIDD PC28-2 Keeps On Working

4 December 2023
Vamp Cranes Hero

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Following two years of outstanding performance from the TIDD PC28, Vamp Cranes recently ordered a TIDD PC28-2. Vamp Cranes’ General Manager, Ross Giammona explains more.

“We took delivery of our first TIDD in early 2021 and it’s been a great asset for the business, we have recognised that the TIDD never takes a day off."

“She’s clocked up over 2,000 hours in the two years we’ve had her, we’ve obviously kept up to date with the servicing and she’s remained excellent mechanically, there’s been nothing too major to worry about,” said Ross.

“We’ve since had the PC28-2 upgrade which has enhanced the crane and we are extremely happy with that. The TIDD is a workhorse that is for sure,” he said.

Leading from the front, manufacturer TRT continues to enhance the overall performance of the TIDD Crane, as well as the experience of its operator – driven by the company’s focus on continuous improvement, by continually listening to industry and operator feedback.

Among the many improvements made in the TIDD PC28-2 upgrade are its new, powerful front suspension cylinders which offer an average of 17 per cent greater lift capacity when articulated or working on a side slope – and up to 40 per cent better in lifting performance in some cases.

New steps have been added to improve lift control, with an additional three steps on the TIDD PC28-2 load chart meaning its rate has improved significantly for the operator when the crane articulates.

The Robway TIDD Crane operating software has been upgraded with improved functionality to enable faster processing and greater control responsiveness for the TIDD PC28-2 operator.

Vamp Cranes’ TIDD PC28 has clocked up over 2,000 hours or two years of service and remained excellent mechanically… there’s been nothing too major to worry about.

Ross is impressed with the TIDD’s lifting capabilities.

“We have had the TIDD lifting pretty much everything and anything, from a heap of precast panels, factory removals, machinery, civil works – she just does everything. Anything that can be picked up and carried is the easiest way to describe it,” said Ross.

“Our operators enjoy operating the TIDD. There was a little resistance from our more senior operators earlier because it was a new pick and carry crane to them, but they have gotten used to it now and I have not heard any complaints about it. There were some concerns about the TIDD’s safety features and how they might impact how the operator would work, but we have moved through these, and they are incredibly happy with the TIDD. They also love the roadability of the TIDD,” said Ross.

The width of the TIDD has proved to be a bonus for several projects, Ross adds.

“The TIDD PC28 is significantly narrower than its closest competitor and we have been involved in several projects where we have had to get inside buildings or access narrow alleyways where the competitor pick and carry simply couldn’t go,” he said.

“Obviously the TIDD PC28 has proven its worth because I’ve decided to stick with the brand and buy a second TIDD PC28-2.”

TRT Australia general manager Neil Webb says the recent upgrades have seen TRT maintain a focus on delivering technological advancements that cater to the needs of TIDD crane owners and operators.

“With operator and dogman comfort central to the design of the TIDD crane, the PC28-2 also features a re-engineered ROPS Style cabin. This has been tested with a measured reduction in cabin noise levels by 8dBa at 80km/h when on the road,” he said.

New steps have been added to improve lift control. An additional three steps on the TIDD PC28-2 load chart delivering significant improvement when the crane is articulating.

As well as these considerable upgrades, TRT has focused on ensuring that TIDD customers and operators are fully supported for the life of the crane, from onboarding information for operators to parts and service support in Australia, New Zealand and globally.

“The TIDD PC28-2 is going to be doing similar work to our first crane. At the moment we do not have enough cranage and I am hiring a minimum of two to three cranes every day,” he said. “The investment is easily justified because we are currently paying other people’s cranes off at this stage.”

Speaking toward the post-sale service, Ross is pleased with the support he has received from TRT and JDM Diesel Services.

“TRT has been extremely good and the same can be said about JDM Diesel Services. If there are ever any issues, they are only a phone call away,” he said.

“Knowing you have got the support and the availability of the spare parts, gives me the confidence to invest in the new TIDD PC28-2.”