TRT Launches Kobelco Mini Telescopic Crawlers

11 December 2023
Mini Kobelcos Hero

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TRT recently announced the Kobelco CK series of mini telescopic loaders will be landing locally. Troy Hand, TRT Australia’s Crane Sales & Pacific Islands Manager discusses the features and benefits of Kobelco’s mini telescopic crawlers.

The Kobelco 4.9T capacity CK Series has been developed to offer mini telescopic crawlers equipped with practical capacities and features as well as high specifications.

Kobelco’s CK90UR and CK120UR mini crawlers are designed to suit numerous applications including urban projects. Featuring an Isuzu 4LE2XDPC engine fitted with Kobelco’s unique iNDr system, these mini crawlers are designed to be a priority utility crane on the job site.

Both models feature a box construction boom with four telescoping sections, with the second section extending independently and the third to fifth sections extending simultaneously. The boom extends from 4.25m to 14.77m.

For applications where working space is restricted, such as road and rail tunneling and underground infrastructure, trenches for utilities, foundation work for new buildings, or work on elevated bridges or rail tracks, these high-performance mini crawlers can be relied upon to get the job done.

The modified environmentally friendly engine complies with the latest emissions standards and has been improved in basic performance. Kobelco’s National Distributor TRT expects great things of the CK90UR and CK120UR, Troy said.

“The CK90 weighs in at 9t and the CK120 at 12t and both have a lifting capacity of 4.9t. Because the CK120 is heavier its lifting radius offers better charts,” Troy said.

“One of the main points of difference when compared to other mini tele crawlers is these cranes will pick and carry with boom lengths up to 14.77m or up to 14m radius,” said Troy.

Like all Kobelco products, the CK series is designed and built on traditional Japanese manufacturing values says Troy.

“The Kobelco range of tele crawlers right up to the TK 750s are designed to be robust. The boom designs mean they are excellent lifters right across the range. Kobelco always gets it right,” he said.

“We’ve had a lot of success with larger Kobelco tele crawlers working in the large infrastructure projects around the country. The potential for these mini crawlers is huge in my opinion.

“Because of their robust nature, they are ideally suited for mining applications where you typically wouldn’t find a mini tele crawler. We expect the crane hire companies will be interested in the CK Series, increasingly mini tele crawlers are gaining acceptance across the board,” said Troy.

The CK Series offers a real difference in quietness, reliability, and easy maintenance, the CK90UR and CK120UR are fitted with Kobelco’s unique iNDr cooling system.

Already widely used in Kobelco’s range of mini and mid-sized short-tail swing excavators and ultra-short swing excavators, Kobelco’s iNDr system has won fans across the complete spectrum.

In this unique design, airflow to the engine, from inlet to outlet, is kept to a single duct within which the engine and cooling equipment are sited.

It represents a major advance not only in cooling performance but also in reducing noise and simplifying maintenance.


The CK90UR and CK120UR feature a five-section boom constructed of a thick steel plate. A large cross-section provides the strength needed by the automatic extending boom. Boom length delivers a high lifting capacity within the stability zone. The shape of the boom tip allows the boom to be raised higher, for maximum benefit from its excellent lifting capacity even when there are height restrictions.

There are also practical lifting capacities of the model’s most frequent lifting tasks within 5-10m.

Lifting capacities in a 5m working radius

  • CK90UR 1400kg
  • CA120UR 2340kg

Lifting capacities in a 10m working radius

  • CK90UR 470kg
  • CK120UR 890kg


Kobelco’s unique layout – locating a large capacity winch within the upper frame and positioning the sliding sheath behind the winch – keeps the appropriate fleet angle.

By positioning the winch directly below the boom, the winding can be checked visually from the cab and problems such as irregular winding can be dealt with swiftly.

The wire rope can be replaced from the ground, eliminating the need to climb onto the machine.


The 113m wire rope is supplied as standard and makes it possible to lower to a depth of more than 24m with four parts of line. 160m of wire rope can be supplied as an option.

Maximum lowering underground

  • CK90UR 24.7m (4 parts line)
  • CK120UR 24.6m (4 parts line)


A large diameter (200mm) hook sheave has been installed to stop wire rope twisting during lifting and lowering.

A dedicated hydraulic system provides excellent inching control.

Soft start-up and smooth simultaneous operation make control easy without causing the load to swing. A lighter force is required for both lever control and foot accelerator which reduces operator fatigue over lengthy working periods.

Compact design provides unhindered operation in confined spaces.

The short tail swing radius of the upper body and the short boom overhang makes manoeuvring easy in tight spaces.
Facing the front, the upper body does not protrude beyond the crawler length to the rear.


A large capacity 50A alternator is installed as standard.
Long periods of working with lights make it hard to drain the battery meaning work at night or in tunnels is unimpeded.


Even on enclosed and dusty sites, the 60 mesh of the iNDr filter is effective in blocking dust and preventing loss of performance due to clogging of the cooling equipment. Overheating is also avoided.


For daily maintenance, all that is needed is a visual check of the iNDR filter fitted over the air inlet. When dirty, it can be removed and cleaned with an air blower. The radiator and oil cooler suffer minimal clogging.


The bonnet is designed to open wide from a low position. Equipment such as the air cleaner, engine oil filter, and radiator reserve tank are positioned to be easily seen and accessed so that maintenance can be completed swiftly from the ground.


Long-life hydraulic oil needs changing only at 5000-hour intervals, saving on costs and manpower. Long life (1000-hour), high performance ‘super fine filter’ for hydraulic oil is fitted. Layout of wire rope running on the underside of the boom helps prevent wire rope friction damage. The boom extension angle gauge has a cover for protection and easy harness protection. A protector is fitted to the boom’s raising cylinder preventing damage to the rod.


The Isuzu engine powering the CK90UR and CK120UR limits the creation of particulate matter (PM) which results in incomplete combustion of fuel.

A high-pressure injection system atomises the fuel and more precise injection improves combustion efficiency. This also contributes to better fuel economy.

The Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) contains a Flow-Through-Filter (FTF) that traps the soot components of the emissions, and through a continuous redox reaction process, turns it into less harmful carbon dioxide and water. The FT does not clog up and is maintenance-free.

While ensuring sufficient oxygen for combustion, cooled emission gases are mixed with the air intake and recirculated into the engine. This reduces the oxygen content and lowers combustion temperature.

Operating noise is extremely low due to the iNDr system, and the machine has the Japanese government ultra-low designation, providing unprecedented quietness for working in tunnels and at night.

The wide cab interior offers a comfortable operating space with plenty of legroom, to minimise fatigue. Wide visibility to the front and above makes it easy to check safety. A guard is fitted to the lower half of the front window.


The CK90UR and CK120UR feature various safety features including:

  • Boom height limiting device;
  • Overload/over hoist prevention device with automatic stop function;
  • Automatic winch brake;
  • Sling wire detachment prevention; and
  • Hydraulic cylinder automatic locking mechanism

Troy confirms that TRT Australia will be supporting the CK Series with its ‘second-to-none customer service, parts support, and training.

“The CK Series mini tele crawlers will receive the same high levels of product support, service, and training. Kobelco gives us 100 percent support when it comes to parts availability and technical training. Customers know about the reliability of the Kobelco product, but they might not know that we are now offering a range of mini tele crawlers which are backed by TRT’s comprehensive network of branches and distributors,” said Troy.