“Insuring” Bumper to Bumper Support

9 June 2020
Insuring bumper to bumper support news

TRT has a great service that customers are only aware of when an accident happens.

We have a team of Truck Parts experts that work directly with insurance assessors and truck builders to comprehensively assess a truck that has experienced damage as a result of an accident from Bumper to Bumper.

These crashes range from minor traffic incidents to more serious scenarios involving both truck and trailer units.

The whole philosophy behind the TRT teams across New Zealand is to get customers back on the road as fast as possible with the best service and range available and keep them operating with the right expertise and support. Crash damage is no exception.

Often, hundreds of parts are required for crash repairs, some that are no longer available and some that are just plain hard to find. But determining which parts these are is part of the expertise TRT offers and is all part of the crash repair parts service.

The TRT team has comprehensive knowledge of many OEM brands including Mercedes Benz, Freightliner, Scania, Iveco, Hiab and Zepro. We also carry a huge range of aftermarket parts that make sourcing replacement parts easy.  We have a network of supplier around the country that can also assist with sourcing truck parts across New Zealand.

What makes our crash service comprehensive, is that each job has a dedicated parts expert from start to finish. It is all part of our personalised, hands-on service, providing customers with peace of mind.

The Crash Job Process

We have designed a simple process from years of experience to make this as seamless as possible for both owners and repairers.

  1. Inspection – the initial inspection includes photographs for documentation – depending on the crash this is usually completed alongside the Insurance Assessor.
  2. Research, sourcing and availability is carried out and if a part is not held in stock, this is where our expertise is invaluable. Time taken will depend on complexity and vehicle but we will turn this around in 24-48 hours or only hours for smaller incidents.
  3. Inventory - Create a comprehensive parts inventory, we price the list for the insurer or repairer, outlining any build requirements to be actioned by the repairer to make this process simple. Sometimes we split the requirements at each stage of the rebuild to ensure that the best outcome is provided. 

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of requiring support due to a crash or other incident where damage has occurred to your truck, give one of Parts team a call or tell your repairer to talk with TRT first.