3x4 Low Loader Designed for Civil Construction Equipment

25 February 2020
Rohit Trailer Photo 2

Rohit Civil and Infrastructure Ltd, based in Henderson recently took delivery of their new TRT 3x4 Fixed Width Low Loader.

This trailer is designed for transporting a range of civil construction equipment from excavators to rollers from site to site.

The trailer has been designed at 2.9m wide, with a swept path certification, this trailer has no travel restrictions. Owner, Rohit Chand, was very specific that he wanted an operator friendly, safe trailer.

With a full width Hydraulic mid tip deck for loading the top deck, cold grip deck surface, wide track axles, air suspension and EBS brakes, this trailer met all of the specified requirements.

The trailer is designed with the following:

  • 9m wide fixed width deck
  • Hydraulic mid tip deck
  • TMC 17.5 drum braked axles with unitised hubs
  • Air suspension
  • EBS brakes
  • TRT designed deep coaming rail for reduced deflection
  • Conveyor belt on deck
  • Winch and remote
  • Cold grip deck covering

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Rohit Trailer Photo 2

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