Kobelco TK750GFS

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Kobelco TK750G

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Kobelco TK750G

Order now for delivery in early 2022!

  • Brand: Kobelco
  • Type: Telescopic Crawler Crane
  • Max Lifting Capacity: 75 t x 3.0 m
  • Telescopic Boom Length: 10.0 m ~ 30.1 m
  • Main Hook Max Height: 30.4 m
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 860 liters

Get the job done with this full-flow hydraulic control system for infinitely variable pressure to all winches, propel and swing. Controls respond instantly to the touch, delivering smooth function operation. Full backup Service and Parts are available NZ Wide. For full specifications on the Kobelco TK750GFS click here. 


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