Kobelco CKE1100G-2

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New Crane for Sale: KOBELCO CKE1100G-2

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New Crane for Sale: KOBELCO CKE1100G-2

Order now for delivery in early 2022!

  • Make: Kobelco
  • Type:  Hydraulic Crawler Crane
  • Crane Boom Max Lifting Capacity: 110 t × 3.6 m
  • Crane Boom Max Length: 70.1 m
  • Fixed Jib Max Lifting Capacity: 10.9 t × 22.0 m
  • Fixed Jib Max Combination: 61.0 m + 21.3 m

Everything about the Kobelco CKE1100G-2 including its handling of foundation and civil engineering work, revolutionizes the values of existing cranes, transforming it into a crane perfect for the modern age.

The CKE series is easy to transport with quick and efficient assembly and disassembly. It includes a seat switch separate from the automatic over-load and over hoist prevention systems, which can be set as a boom assembly/disassembly switchable to cancel the over-hoist prevention function.

For the full specifications on the Kobelco CKE1100G-2 click here. 


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