New Cranes for Sale - NZ

New cranes in stock and available to purchase now. TIDD Pick and Carry Cranes, Grove All Terrain Cranes and Kobelco Crawler Cranes. Our most popular models.

TIDD PC28 Available Now

Type: Pick & Carry Crane
Capacity: 28 t
Boom: 18.64 m full power
Features: Slew Safe

TIDD PC28 Pick & Carry Crane

Type: Pick & Carry Crane
Capacity: 28 t
Boom: 18.64 m full power
Features: Superlift & SlewSafe

Kobelco CKE1100G-2

Type: Hydraulic Crawler Crane
Max lifting capacity: 110 t × 3.6 m
Max length: 70.1 m

Kobelco TK750GFS

Type: Telescopic Crawler Crane
Max lifting capacity: 75 t x 3.0m
Telescopic boom length: 10.0m - 30.1m

Grove GMK3060L-1

Capacity: 60 t
Main boom: 9.7 m – 48.0 m
Maximum jib: 15.0 m
Maximum tip height: 65.0 m

Grove GMK4100L-1

Capacity: 100 t
Main boom: 11.4 m – 60.0 m
Max jib: 11.0 m – 25.6 m
Max tip height: 89.0 m

All Prices Available on Request (POA)

About New Cranes for Sale from TRT New Zealand

TRT New Zealand carries a number of new cranes in stock and for sale. Cranes available for sale include TIDD Pick and Carry CranesGrove all-terrain cranes, and Kobelco Crawler Cranes.

All new cranes for sale are available from TRT New Zealand.

TRT manufactures the TIDD Pick and Carry Crane and they can be built to order, including custom colours to your fleet. Order your TIDD PC28 today for delivery in 6-12 weeks.

For prices on the new cranes for sale or further information on any of the cranes listed above, give our TRT Crane expert Dean a call on 07 849 4839.

TRT also has the full range of TIDD Pick and Carry Cranes, Manitowoc Grove All-Terrain Cranes, Potain Tower Cranes, and Kobelco Crawler Cranes available for order.  If you don't see exactly the lifting solution you need, talk to us first. 

If you are not looking for a new crane just yet, we also have a number of used cranes for sale.


All prices are POA. If you are looking for a specific crane or you don't see an option to suit, get in touch. Our crane experts can guide you to finding the right solution for your operations.


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