TIDD PC 25; The New Choice for Tier 1 Operations in Australia

28 November 2018
Project Dry Hire 2

Project Dry Hire was looking for a safe, reliable, and high quality pick and carry crane to replace an aging Franna AT20, and found that no other crane can match the safety features of the TIDD PC25 in its class.

Project Dry Hire wanted a pick and carry crane with a difference. They select all equipment with the greatest level of care, to ensure that the latest in technology and safety is available to their clients. What stood out most for PDH was the TIDD PC25’s ingenious Slew Safe, TRT’s latest innovation in operator safety.  

With locations in Kiama NSW and Brisbane QLD and operating Australia wide, Project Dry Hire specialises in cranes and material movement equipment hire. They provide the latest model equipment, and have a strong focus on safety, risk management and duty of care.

Project Dry Hire has a number of Tier 1 contractor clients; they have also identified the improved safety features of the TIDD Crane that have previously prevented other articulating cranes from operating on their sites.

“Slew Safe simply and effectively allows the crane operator to confidently pick and carry a load, knowing that they will be warned and restricted if they get into a situation that triggers an overload notification,” explains Phil Chadwick, General Manager Crane Sales, TRT Australia.

“TIDD PC25 is the only pick and carry crane that offers this level of safety. It has been designed to save lives,” he says.

Project Dry Hire’s Business Development Manager Shane Smith praises the TIDD PC25 for its quality finish and technical advancements, as well as the excellent dealer network and commitment to the brand from the manufacturer.

“The support and input from the distributor The Baden Davis Crane Connection and manufacturer TRT was terrific. There’s no faulting the service they are giving us, and this is just the first of the four units we are planning on purchasing,” he says.

Project Dry Hire’s new TIDD PC25 is being used on a long-term contract with CPB Contractors in Coffs Harbour, working in their precast yard. The main use of the TIDD crane is moving precast concrete between 3 and 7 tonne.


Project Dry Hire 1

TIDD PC 25 arriving with the team at CPB - Coffs Harbour

Project Dry Hire 3

Shane Smith - Project Dry Hire and Phil Chadwick

Project Dry Hire 5

The TIDD PC 25 ready for work!

About TIDD Crane PC25

TIDD PC25 with Slew Safe is the only pick and carry crane in its class with this superior level of safety. Other features include:

  • A Dynamic Load Moment Indicator with pitch, roll and articulation correction and includes audio-visual overload warning and control lever lockout.
  • ROPS Cabin with FOPS option including full lap and diagonal seat belts, to ensure operator and dogman safety
  • Speed variable electro-hydraulic steering and speed limiting to prevent “speed wobbles” at top operation speed.
  • ABS brakes replacing the conventional drum brakes for safer road-ability
  • European automotive quality finish.

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